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Jaydel Wilson

A new principal has been appointed at Mack Lyon Middle School (MLMS) in Overton. Ken Paul, principal of the school since 2013, retired in June this year. He is replaced by Jaydel Wilson, who served as vice-principal for the past 11 years at Virgin Valley High School in Mesquite.
But this decision will be something of a comeback for Wilson. He was assistant manager at MLMS from 2008 to 2011 when Rod Adams was manager.

“I’m so excited to be back here,” Wilson said in an interview with The Progress last week. “Mack Lyon is honestly an amazing school. It was great when I was here before and it’s still a fantastic place.”
Wilson said it was interesting to go through the list of school staff to see how many more there were.

“There are quite a few,” he said. “But even more fun is seeing some of the kids, who were students here when I worked here before, who went to high school and college and came back here to teach. There are a few.

Wilson said MLMS is ranked among the top 10 public colleges in the state in test scores. Wilson admitted the challenge of getting into a school like this and improving such a good record.
“The question I will ask my teachers is, ‘How good can we be?’ said Wilson. “So that’s really the question. I’m here to do what’s best for the kids. My whole decision-making process is based on ‘How is this going to affect the students? What’s best for them?”

Wilson said he was especially excited about the many activities recently made available to middle schoolers. These include school sports at the college level throughout the district.
“I think it’s great for students,” he said. “And then seeing the different clubs and activities that they still have from when I was here before, and that have since been added. I would like to see every student involved in some type of club or activity or athletics that they enjoy.

Wilson is also very pleased with the rebranding that has taken place at the school over the past two years. Once the Mustangs, the MLMS changed mascots to the Mariners. The school colors changed from red and black to blue and gold. This was done to further align the school with the MVHS Pirates mascot and colors.

Wilson said it was a great idea to do this. “I like that things are aligned between elementary school, middle school and high school,” he said. “I remember when I was here before, we were buying black and red t-shirts for all the kids. Then half of them would show up the next day in their pirate shirts and jerseys. It’s not really no surprise, because that’s what they want to be.

Wilson said Paul and MLMS deputy director Aimee Lewis left things in good order for him to get to work.
“They left me everything well organized and with lots of reading information to catch up with,” Wilson said.

Wilson grew up in Mesquite and graduated from Virgin Valley High School.
He began his career as an educator teaching Spanish at Lincoln County High School. In 1997 he returned to Mesquite and began teaching at VVHS.

When Hughes Middle School opened in 2003, it became Dean of Students under Cliff Hughes.

In 2005 he moved to Elko, NV where he worked as an assistant manager for two years. Then he returned south to Las Vegas where he served as a trustee at Johnston Middle School.

In 2008, he moved his family to Logandale and began his three-year stint at MLMS.
“We loved living here and being part of the community for these years,” Wilson said. “I’m just looking forward to reconnecting and meeting new people now in this new chapter.”

In an interview last week, VVHS principal Riley Frei said Wilson would miss his school.
“I’m telling you, this is a huge loss for the Virgin Valley High School community,” Frei said. “Those will be big shoes to fill here. Jaydel has done so much for our school. But I am happy for him and his family and very excited for the students, parents and community of Mack Lyon. They get a great guy!

The MLMS Back to School party will take place on Thursday, August 4 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Later in the evening, there will be a Meet the Principal event with Wilson from 5-7 p.m. at the school library.

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