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WILMINGTON – Jessica Stryhalaleck, resident of Wilmington, recently accepted the position of Deputy Principal of Amesbury Middle School. She was kind enough to talk to the Town Crier about her hiring process, her transition to the job, and her goals in her new role.

Stryhalaleck talks about his past experiences in education.

“I worked as a Spanish teacher at Lynnfield Middle School for over 17 years. After graduating from college, I spent a few years in the business world before realizing that a career in education interested me much more. I left the business world and accepted my teaching position at Lynnfield in 2004.

“At that time, I was covering maternity leave for a Spanish teacher. This Spanish teacher chose to stay at home with her child, and I never left that job.

“I graduated from Salem State University in 2009 with an MA in Teaching (Spanish), and most recently I graduated from SSU last May, this time with a CAGS (Certificate of ‘advanced studies) in educational leadership. “

Her inspiration for the position of Deputy Director is as follows:

“I’ve been interested in transitioning to an educational leadership path for many years now – for some time I’ve been drawn to the idea of ​​making a difference in our schools at the building level. I believe that now more than ever, as schools emerge from the pandemic, our students and staff need strong and dedicated administrators to provide leadership into the coming school year and beyond.

“As a mother of three, I waited until my own children were a little older to pursue a path to school. I decided in 2019 that it was time to start an ACES program in Educational Leadership and applied for Assistant Principal positions immediately after I graduated this spring.

Its application process consisted of interviews and an application submission, as Stryhalaleck explained.

“Most teaching positions are advertised on a website called SchoolSpring.com. I applied for the position at Amesbury through the SchoolSpring website. I had two interviews before I was offered the job.

For the first interview, I met in person with a panel representing the Amesbury Middle School community. The panel included administrators, teachers, parents and a student. After my first interview, I was invited to come back for a second interview. My second interview was conducted virtually with myself, the director of AMS (Jarred Haas) and the other deputy director of AMS (Adam Denio).

Stryhalaleck described the feelings she felt when she was hired into the Amesbury community.

“I was delighted to receive this news. I felt an instant connection during the interview process and knew I would enthusiastically take the job if offered to me. It was also great in the perspective of having achieved a long term goal. “

As she describes, moving to work has been a dream come true.

“The transition to Amesbury has been fantastic. My former colleagues at Lynnfield were extremely supportive of my transition from classroom teaching to an educational leadership position. My colleagues in Amesbury welcomed me so warmly to their community; I already feel very comfortable here.

The newest member of the Amesbury Middle School community also spoke about what she sees as the most difficult and rewarding aspects of being a Deputy Principal.

“Right now, I am working hard with my fellow administrators and AMS staff to prepare for the next school year. One challenge was, after working in a school district for 17 years, to learn the culture of a different district. I enjoyed this challenge and feel that I am learning a lot about the schools and the community of Amesbury in a short time.

“What I find gratifying so far is the feeling that with my colleagues, we are working together to improve an already fantastic school. I think my work can really make a difference in the lives of our students, staff and the community – and it’s an amazing feeling!

Stryhalaleck told the town crier about his goals for his tenure:

“As Deputy Principal, I would love to contribute to the success of the Amesbury Middle School community in any way I can. I hope to continue to learn and grow and always feel that my work is making a difference. I feel that I bring a lot of positive, optimistic and open-minded energy to a school environment, and I hope my students and colleagues will benefit from it.

Stryhalaleck also expressed his absolute joy at being able to work at Amesbury.

“I am more than grateful for the opportunity presented to me and look forward to making a positive impact on the community around me. I look forward to meeting my colleagues and students in the coming weeks and working together to ensure that all members of our community feel they have a sense of belonging and the tools they need to be successful. after day.

To those looking to pursue a career in education and educational leadership, Stryhalaleck offers this advice:

“I would say if that’s what you got in your heart, just follow your gut and go for it!” If you do what you love, you may even forget that you are getting paid to do it.

The Town Crier congratulates Jessica Stryhalaleck on her hire and wishes her the best of luck on her adventure in Amesbury.

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