What to do this weekend in Buenos Aires: UBA200, the Night of the Temples and Festival de la Scene

UBA 200 in concert: when and where to see the show

More than thirty artists will participate in “UBA200 in Concert”, a big free outdoor festival in which the bicentenary of the University of Buenos Aires will be celebrated. The Saturday 4 December, on the steps of the Faculty of Law, will be the central event of the festivities that took place during the year.

Artists of great prestige and popularity will participate: Fito Paez, Abel Pintos, Pedro Aznar, Vincentian, Soledad, Coti, Jairo, Lisandro Aristimuño, Nahuel Pennisi, Zoe Gotusso, David Lebón, Raúl Lavié, Víctor Heredia, María Becerra, Carolina Peleritti, Know Russia, Elena Roger, Ivan Noble, Cazzu, Natalie Pérez, Femigangsta, Juan Ingaramo, Kevin johansen and Mora Godoy, among others.

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The direction and arrangements are the responsibility of Master Ezequiel Silberstein, with the participation of Symphony Orchestra “UBA200 in Concert”, a musical ensemble with more than 100 musicians on stage. The University of Buenos Aires Orchestra will include distinguished members of the National Symphony, the Buenos Aires Philharmonic Orchestra, the Colón Theater Stable Orchestra and the La Plata Theater Stable Orchestra of Argentina.

“UBA200 in concert” will also have a live broadcast from 6.30 p.m.. The show will last 2 hours and will have no cuts. Admission will be free and it will not be necessary to reserve.

The stage will be located on A V. Figueroa Alcorta 2263, which will be cut from Av. Pueyrredón at Austria Street. A V. Libertador will be open to traffic. Information in @UBAonline.

“Get Back”: the Beatles series directed by Peter Jackson

Still battered by the pandemic, with a world still tinged with shades of gray, New Zealand director Peter Jackson paints the Global Village in color and fills it with music from To recover, a nourishing mini-series of more than 60 hours of filming and 150 hours of recording removed from So be it, the group’s latest film.

To recover It premiered the previous weekend on Disney + and shows a hitherto unknown face of that time when the breakup took shape between the four Beatles.

Jackson’s documentary chronologically shows this it happened in january 1969 in which the Beatles decided to record an album while their intimacy was recorded, in the best style Big Brother, to make a new movie. So be it It came out a year later, when the band had already split up and were inclined to show the bitter arguments, lethargy, rispidities, uncomfortable presence of Yoko Ono. In addition, he reduced the last Fab Four concert to a few minutes on the terrace of Saville Road.

Now Peter Jackson has come to show that John, Paul, George and Ringo’s relationship it was not absolute. This is how the director preferred to highlight the mystique, the friendship of the years, the musical genius through long rehearsal sessions in which some of the songs from his final scene take shape and the themes that will be taken up in his first solo albums. And although To recover the luminous shows do not hide at any time the tensions that existed between them.

However, you prefer to spend time show the coexistence of the four with their partners. Linda is seen taking photos and her daughter Heather performing in the studio, Ringo’s wife Maureen Cox comes across as the true fan she was (she was from Liverpool and saw the band at their first concerts at The Cavern) and also Yoko Ono, here transformed into one more presence, a presence very close to Lennon and the group, but far from the intruder responsible for the musical divorce.

These scenes take on special significance in gender claims time, since we perceive a climate of love and respect, foreign to the world of “rock groupies”. She stops in the growth of the songs but also in the more everyday details of four musicians working hours as they are observed: the coffee they drink, the food they order for lunch, the cigarettes they eat. they light up, the clothes they wear, go out and come from assistants, technicians and Apple Corps employees. You can’t miss Georges martin, the historic producer of the group, the fifth beatle, who also has his close-ups, his snacks, his creative exchanges with each of the four.

It also appears Billy Preston, the guest musician of the sessions, the one who brought a breath of fresh air sitting in front of the electric piano. But, without a doubt, the highlight of the three chapters is the full concert on the terrace, with shots of nearby rooftops, of people in the street, of police trying to stop the concert because of complaints of annoying noise and with the four musicians watching in amazement what is happening among the passers-by. Although months later they recorded another album, it was the last time they played in public. And now we can all witness the most sensitive intimacy of his legacy.

Available on Disney +.

“Things to Clean”: the series with a genre perspective that is all the rage

Margaret Qualley and Andie MacDowell, mother and daughter in real life but also in fiction, are featured in this American mini-series about a single mother victim of gender violence.

Its original title is Housemaid and is inspired by the memories of Stéphanie Land, author of the story of a woman who in fiction is called Alex (Margaret Qualley). As soon as the first chapter begins, Alex runs away from the house she shares with her explosive boyfriend Sean (played by Nick Robinson) and brings with him his daughter Maddy (Rylea Nevaeh Whittet), who is almost 3 years old.

Mother and daughter find refuge in a victim support center, where Alex discovers the world of containment that the state offers to victims, he rethinks the different forms in which violence manifests itself, wonders how to be independent, looks back and resignifies his past and the relationship with his parents, while meeting other victims.

In this sudden inner process, start cleaning houses for a living and there she begins to write about the lives of the people who hire her with a subtle capacity for observation.

The story portrayed the true story of Stéphanie Land, who published the book Housekeeper: hard work, low wages and a mother’s will to survive (“The Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother’s Will for Survival”) The work started out as a diary and has grown into one of the most remarkable of 2019, even recommended by the former president Barack obama, who described it as an “unwavering look at the division of classes in the United States.”

And Netflix

The Temples of Buenos Aires reopen their doors

The sixth edition of The Night of the Temples take place this saturday from 20 to 00. The traditional event returns to its usual format, after in 2020 it was held in a virtual format due to the pandemic. The circuit will be composed of 80 temples of different beliefs distributed by Belgrano, Barrio Chino, Palermo, Centro and Almagro.

The purpose of this meeting is make known the religious and architectural wealth from the city. There will also be cultural, gastronomic and artistic activities. The opening act will be with a musical performance by the choir Argentine Gospel Singers, in Manuel Belgrano Square (Juramento y Vuelta de Obligado) at 6.30 p.m. The activity is free and free and does not require prior registration.

To visit this weekend. The map of zones, circuits and activities is available on http://www.lanochedelostelaciones.com.

Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre: The Classic Fantasy Film Festival

The 22nd BARS edition It will be held until December 12 at the Multiplex Belgrano cinema (located in Vuelta de Obligado 2238) and Diffusion, on the Vivamos Cultura platform. Like every year, the Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre will present a comprehensive panorama of independent film production around the world, which includes must-see films such as the North American production. Retaliation, the german film The dawn rises behind the eyes and the North American sequel to the local trilogy Plague zombie, which now presents its fourth part American invasion.

As is the custom in Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre, the national production has a central space in the festival. This year it offers productions such as the horror film Scrap, Red point and the mysterious fable of Shadow of the cat, with Danny Trejo and Maite Lanata, among others.

There will also be parallel activities in the Auditorium Larreta of the Museum of Spanish Art (Mendoza 2250). This edition includes a training space for filmmakers and presentations of books related to the genre. The closing will be with a luxury film: Titanium, by Julie Doucournau, Palme d’Or at the last Cannes Film Festival, with Vincent Lindon.

Information: http://rojosangre.quintadimension.com/2.0/

Festival stage: beyond music

The virtual format of the Stage Festival can be followed through the Platform CONT.AR until December 30. The face-to-face version will be at Léopoldo Lugones room and the San Martín Cultural Center, of From Wednesday 15 to Saturday 18 December.

With your federal and free admission, Escenario presents a selection of international titles, world premieres, fiction films, documentaries, tributes, historical rescues and a cutting-edge section that exhibits new and recent developments in the audiovisual music scene. One of the main objectives of the event is the restoration and enhancement of historical, forgotten, abandoned or lost audiovisual materials.

On the CONT.AR platform. Face to face version: Leopoldo Lugones Hall (Avenida Corrientes 1529) and San Martín Cultural Center (Sarmiento 1551) from December 15th.

The National Symphonic Band of the Blind returns to the stage

The orchestra Pascual grisolia resumes its presence by bidding farewell to 2021 as part of the International Day of Disability.

This will be presented Saturday at 6.30 p.m. at the Juana Azurduy Stadium, in Tecnópolis (Av. Gral. Paz y, B1603 Buenos Aires. Villa Martelli). While, Friday December 10 at 7:30 p.m. will play on the esplanade of Buenos Aires Metropolitan Cathedral, San Martín 27.

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