Weather in the city of Buenos Aires and its surroundings: the weather forecast for this Sunday, February 20

the forecast from the time of National Weather Service (SMN) indicates that it will be a gray and rainy day in City of Buenos Aires and its surroundings. This Sunday, February 20 will begin with light showers over the metropolitan area, a minimum temperature of 22 degrees and a light wind from the east.

The precipitation would continue throughout the day, although in the afternoon it would be more isolated with some intervals without water. Regarding the temperature, it is expected that the environment will remain muggy due to the high humidity and the mercury will reach a maximum of 28 degrees.

For the beginning of the week, the return to good weather conditions is anticipated. A day should start with mostly cloudy skies, lows of 18 degrees in the early hours, and moderate easterly winds. Over the hours some clouds would dissipate to make way for the sun and the mercury would jump up to 29 degrees. For the night, they warn of a possible intense wind from the east with gusts of up to 60 kilometers per hour.

Finally, the meteorological agency indicates that Tuesday will be another gray day with a drop in temperature. The weather is forecast to be mostly cloudy and somewhat unstable throughout the day. The temperature would mark a minimum of 17 degrees and a maximum of 25, while the environment would remain cooler due to the southeast wind which would blow at moderate intensity.


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