USC Aiken launches new degree for Spanish language


AIKEN, SC (WRDW / WAGT) – It’s National Hispanic Heritage Month, making it a great time for USC Aiken to roll out a new degree for the Spanish language. This is the first year that the university has offered a major in Spanish. There is also a new program to bring more bilinguals into our workforce.

USC Aiken is expanding its reach by offering a degree in Spanish-English Translation and Interpreting.

“We thought this was an important opportunity for Spanish speakers to come to USC Aiken, get credit for a skill they already have and be able to continue and earn a degree in a field that translates to directly into the job market, “said Dr. Timothy Ashton, Chairman of the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures.

Ashton created the program and says it is not a program that can be found at very many universities. He says non-Spanish speakers can enroll, but those who already know the language can take an oral exam to opt out of a few compulsory classes at no cost.

“As long as you can demonstrate a high enough level of Spanish and language control depends on where you fall,” he said.

Ashton says anyone interested in learning another language should do so. He studied Spanish at university and abroad when he went to Spain.

“I guess I’m proof that you can learn a second language in college and get to control it and it really opened up a lot of doors to the world and to understand and see the world, which is the reason for ‘being from college, so it’s been a life-changing experience, ”he said.

He says that through their other programs, like study abroad, where more than 90 students have participated, he has shown how important it is to expand their degrees.

“Others went to live in Spain and teach English in Spain, and one was a basketball player here in Aiken and got a job playing basketball in Spain, then Mexico and Argentina, so it really opens up the world. door to many opportunities. ”he said.

Dr Ashton says being bilingual is great when it comes to any job. If you would like to learn more about the new study programs, visit:

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