Top star Lebron praises Dubai Padel Cup venue ahead of star-studded exhibition matches


Players pose for a photo on the specially designed Dubai Padel Cup pitch at Jumeirah Emirates Towers.

Gulf Today, journalist

Dubai can redefine the sport of padel and rise to the top of global padel destinations, according to Juan Lebron, the current world number one and the flagship player of this week’s Dubai Padel Cup – a month-long padel fiesta hosted in part of the Dubai Fitness Challenge.

Speaking on the sidelines of the specially designed Dubai Padel Cup pitch at Jumeirah Emirates Towers, which sits in the shadow of the Museum of the Future, predicted that three days of action-packed exhibition matches will raise eyebrows in the global community padel.

“It’s amazing what has been built here. It’s probably the best court in the world in terms of location and backdrop. It’s really amazing and shows what Dubai can do when it wants to wow the world.

The organizers of the Dubai Padel Cup told me they wanted to make the city the undisputed capital of padel in the region. OK, but I think they’re already making waves beyond this part of the world; all sport is looking at Dubai, ”said Lebron, one of nine of the world’s top 25 male players who will compete in the Dubai Padel Cup.

With the 16-player exhibition field divided into eight pairs of doubles, each two-player team will play three games in three days. The four winners of the opening matches on November 2 will advance to the semi-finals on November 3, with the winners advancing to the final on November 4.

The four losers from the opening games will face other losing teams on November 3-4 to create a ranking of teams ranked 1-8 by the end of the week.

Tuesday’s D game will see Argentina’s Luciana Capra (14) and Spaniard Juan Mieres Petruf (53) face Javier Lopez (185) and Sergio Icardo (119), who represent the NAS Sport Complex in Dubai; Brazilian Pablo Lima (10) and Spaniard Javier Garrido Gomez (20) will face Argentina’s Fernando Poggi (145) and Gonzalo Rubio Perez (37) in Game C; Argentina’s Fernando Belasteguin (6) and Spaniard Arturo Coello (17) will face Argentina’s Adrian Allemandi (26) and Spaniard Jorge Nieto Ruiz (21) in the B match; and Spaniard Lebrón and Argentinian Miguel Lamperti (world No.18) will face Spanish duo Pablo Lijo (24) and Juan Martin Diaz Martinez (26) in Match A.

All four matches will be played on the same pitch, with match D starting at 4:00 p.m., match C starting no earlier than 5:30 p.m., match B no earlier than 7:00 p.m. and match A no earlier than 8:30 p.m.

With public registrations now open for the knockout League (November 7-13) and Tournament (November 21-27) formats for the country’s male and female fans, Ahmed Hamada, co-founder of Dubai Padel Cup, believes the month-long padel showcase is set to dramatically boost the sport’s burgeoning popularity in the UAE.

“We are showing the courage of Dubai to the world by hosting the first Dubai Padel Cup in a completely safe and secure environment,” said Hamada.

“It’s only the first year, but we have an exceptional group of world-class professionals for exhibition matches and capacity-based formats for the mainstream. We plan to make the Dubai Padel Cup an annual event that will help us grow the game and its player base across the country and the wider region. “

“We are delighted to be joining the Dubai Padel Cup for its first event, both as a venue for public competitions and as co-creators of this court specially designed for exhibition matches. The city and its people have fully embraced padel and we look forward to collectively developing the sport in the future, ”said Ali Al Arif, Founder and General Manager of the World Padel Academy.

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