This week in the food industry, September 25, 2021


Part 1

Mike Pearson kicks off the show with a recording at the Ohio Farm Science Review, where people were happy to be back in person despite the wet weather. Max is in the field to talk to the producers. Paul Hodgen of Roachdale, Indiana, talks to him about the impact on yields due to inclement weather. Alex Yoast in North Carolina tells Max about this year’s successes in that state. Mike chats with Sam Hudson, Cornbelt Marketing, to learn more about the corn and soybean harvest season and other market information.

Part 2

Sam Hudson, Cornbelt Marketing, joins Mike to talk about the scary soybean oil market this week. In the Colby Ag Tech segment, Chad Colby chats with Jacob Wade, who is pushing the boundaries of technology on his farm.

Part 3

Mike speaks with Jason Berkland of Nationwide Insurance to discuss how to stay safe on the farm during harvest.

Part 4

In the BASF Plan Smart Grow Smart series, Max chats with Andy Kapp from Clarksdale, Mo about how their plant health program had a positive impact on yield. Agricultural meteorologist Greg Soulje joins the weekly weather forecast show.

Part 5

Agricultural meteorologist Greg Soulje returns to take a look at the long-range weather photo.

Part 6

In Max’s Tractor Shed, Max presents Babe the Blue Ox, a 1983 Ford 7710 owned by Zack Smith in Kernersville, NC. In the FFA chapter tribute, Mike Pearson chats with Nicholas Neuman, Secretary of State for Indiana, who has big plans for his gap year after graduating from high school and before college.

Part 7

Max speaks with Sgt. Illinois State Police Tracy Lillard on the best ways to get to the fields safely.

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