The great adventure of raising a family in another country | black writers week

Each rose also has its thorns. The cost of some races is very high. Administratively, running business can be very difficult, traveling around the county can take a VERY long time, and there’s nothing quite like being on a Zoom work call in the event of a power outage. However, the trade-offs are invaluable. Morning walks on the beach before school, turning to our seven-year-old son to translate for us, being one of the only American families to see a kid’s soccer game, enjoying fresh fruit and embracing the style Pura Vida lifestyle has been a welcome transition.

In the span of two years, I’ve been robbed twice in Baltimore City. I was constantly stressed, made poor food choices and was not always present at home. Here, I was able to eliminate a lot of distractions. I’m focused on the laser when I’m working, but when the job is done, I spend time with my family and friends. I’m not caught up in the news cycle; I’m not on social media as much. I missed 98% of pro and college sports, but I’m good with it. I am present here.

The other shoe to drop is that I generally don’t encounter discrimination or racism in my day-to-day interactions. It’s a very liberating feeling. I’m not part of the majority culture, but I feel like I’m valued not only by my cultural community, but by everyone in this amazing place. Most of the expats I have relationships with see me as me. Sure, there have been times when tourists have brought negative energy and some expats have fueled it, but here I made the choice to surround myself and our family with reciprocal positive energy. .

We recently committed to staying another year in Costa Rica. My wife and I both work remotely coupled with real estate investments, once or twice a term, we both have to go back to the US, but beyond that we are here or traveling somewhere in Central America. We have recently started talking about East Africa again, so that the children learn French and are in a place where they are in the majority. For now, we are not sure. Stay tuned.

André Hammel is the founder of He lives in Matapalo Costa Rica with his wife and four children.

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