The best Spanish series arrive on the market

“17KHz”, (Mediacrest)

Isolated in a border region, five people from different generations and countries confront Tiamat, a conspiracy of young teenagers who claimed that the only way to stop climate change was to eliminate all adults. This, for Tiamat, however, is not the end of their plan, just a start. A three-season fantasy thriller from Mediacrest (“Nada”, “Humanity!), a fast-growing production-distribution company, multi-award winning Conecta Fiction in September, partner in Spain by A Contracorriente Films. ID: Mediacrest.

“Age of Wrath” (“La edad de la ira”, Atresmedia Television, Big Bang Media, Masficción)

Written by acclaimed young Spanish playwright Lucía Carballal, who penned ‘Locked Up’, a high school thriller that delves into the social angst plaguing young people today. Produced by Atresmedia TV and The Mediapro Studio – a fertile production line – through Big Bang Media (“Caronte”) of TMS as well as Masficción (“Hospital Central”). ID: Atresmedia TV International Sales, The Mediapro Studio Distribution

“Age of Wrath”
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“Cardo”, (“Thistle”, Atresmedia Televisión, Buendía Estudios, Suma Latina)

The latest from Javier Ambrossi and “Veneno” creators Javier Calvo, here producers, and hitters Variety’s list of the best international TV shows for 2021. A portrait of a disenchanted generation of Spaniards now hitting 30 via María whose lives are a litany of quick pleasures, whether it’s snorting cocaine, sex or night dives. Co-created by Ana Rujas and Claudia Costafreda, a screenwriter of “Veneno”, a series that sets a new bar for scripted Spanish in terms of emotional directness. ID: Atresmedia TV International Sales

“Celebrity Challenge”, (Atresmedia TV, 7 and Accion)

Sold in a multitude of territories, such as Banijay Group Banijay Group for Russia, Italy and Germany, a great success in its first season on Antena 3 last year, with an average market share of 16, 6%, two points above the chain average. A format in which eight celebrities face bizarre or physically grueling challenges every week. “Pure family entertainment,” says Carlos Garde d’Onza. ID: Onza Distribution.

“El Discipulo del Chef”, (The Mediapro Studio, Turner Latin America)

As part of a five-year strategic development-production alliance between Turner Latin America and The Mediapro Studio, announced at 2019 Natpe Miami, a massive hit on Chilevision and one of The Mediapro Studio’s biggest unscripted plays, follows the training of budding chefs at the best of establishments.

“Drought,” (RTVE, Atlantica Media, RTP, Coral)

A crime thriller and a slice of Southern European noir as two skeletons are discovered in a submerged village on the Spanish-Portuguese border emerging from a huge dam built in the 1990s after a severe drought. The very first fiction co-production between the Spanish and Portuguese broadcasters RTVE and RTP. ID: RTVE

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“Express,” (Starzplay, The Mediapro Studio, Pantaya)

One of Spain’s biggest current series marks Starzplay’s first Spanish-language original, produced with leading US streamer Pantaya and The Mediapro Studio, from “Locked Up” creator Ivan Escobar and star Maggie Civantos. Adding a human and personal agenda to the thriller, Civantos plays a criminal psychologist “who was herself taken hostage by express kidnapping, is [emotionally] injured and will stop at nothing to find out who kidnapped her and why,” Escobar said. ID, excluding Starzplay and Pantaya territories: The Mediapro Studio Distribution

“TO HIT,” (RTVE, Ganges)

The second season installment of the hit RTVE high school drama from the producers of “Remember When” Ganga, presented by acclaimed filmmaker Joaquín Oristrell (“Sin vergüenza”). Here, teacher Hugo Ibarra Toledo settles in a village and tries to combat rising school dropout rates. ID: RTVE

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“Valkyrias Motel” (TVC, RTP, TVG, SPi)

The selling title of Onza’s banner, producers of Netflix hits “Bitter Daisies” and “Gloria” (SPi) and the first fruits of the rise of premium fiction in Portugal and Galicia, in the north- west of Spain. A mafia-thriller drama unfolding over 72 hours. Border motel where three women plan to rob a guest carrying goods worth a million euros. What they don’t know is that the goods were stolen from the mob. ID: Onza

“Lonely Man,” (Mediacrest)

Announced in October, the return to docu-fiction of Gerardo Olivares, head of documentaries at Mediacrest and sales director of The Match Factory, the hit “La Gran Final” and of Jean Reno with “Hermanos delviento”. Set in Argentine Patagonia, the feature film tells the story of Cándido Sandoval, a 70-year-old gaucho who lives alone in an isolated cabin, 45 minutes by horseback from his nearest neighbor, with whom he has a long history of conflicts. land. An unsuspected solidarity emerges, however, when the cruel Patagonian winter finds one of them on the brink of death.

ID: Mediacrest

“Lord, give me patience” (“Señor, dame paciencia”, Atresmedia Televisión, Buendía Estudios, DLO Producciones)

A spin-off series from the hit comedy Atresmedia Cine, about a dyed-in-the-wool grumpy old banker bewildered by his children’s liberated ways. ID: Atresmedia TV International Sales

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“Lord, give me patience”
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“Paco’s Men” (“Los hombres de Paco,” (Atresmedia Television, Globomedia)

A modern day throwback featuring many of the major characters and actors from the classic police farce, spanning 10 seasons from 2005-2010, originally conceived by Daniel Ecija of ‘The Boarding School’ and Alex Pina of ‘Money Heist’ “, featuring bumbling officers, with, hidden beneath their flaws, hearts of gold. The Mediapro Studio Globomedia powerhouse produces with Atresmedia TV. ID: Atresmedia TV International Sales

“force of peace”, (“Fuerza de Paz”, RTVE, Alea Media)

An ambitious murder mystery unfolds in Africa as Sergeant Elgueta, on a United Nations peacekeeping mission in Africa, receives a strange call from First Sergeant Hugo Reyes, her boyfriend, who is later murdered.

“Los Protegidos: El Regreso”, (“A normal family: the return”, Atresmedia Televisión, Buendía Estudios, Boomerang TV)

The four-part miniseries that follows the hit 2010-2012 family sci-fi show “Los Protegidos,” which aired on Antena 3, starring the estranged Castillo Rey family, with each member having a special power, forced to band together to ward off an even greater evil threat than in the original series. ID: Atresmedia TV International Sales

“Unlimited Love” (“Amar Demais”, Plural Entertainment, TVI)

Zeca agrees to be arrested for a murder he did not commit in order to pay for his mother’s medical treatment. But he never receives the money and his mother dies. 16 years later, he is released from prison, determined to get revenge and make up for lost time. A 2020 Portuguese telenovela from one of its biggest production houses, Plural, shot in Lisbon and the lovely Azores. ID: Onza Distribution

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“Unlimited Love”
Courtesy of Onza Distribution

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