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The year of discovery

Not even an international pandemic has been able to overcome the overflowing energy and creative force of a Spanish cinema that conquers festivals and surprises audiences with its renewed and always risky variety of proposals, its stylistic richness and its creative power.

As usual, Chile once again tops the list of the best of the year, with an excellent harvest of Mexican cinema (“Nuevo Orden”, by Michel Franco) and an exquisite representation of our cinema, more creative and lucid than ever (next on the list was, of course, the jewel by Nuria Giménez Lorang, ‘My Mexican Pretzel’).

12. Fauna, of Nicolas pereda (Mexico). One of the most Borgian films of the year, in which its director takes, eleven years later, the characters of his second film “Ensemble” and mixes them brilliantly, leaving the audience speechless. If you liked ‘The Flower’, don’t miss it. Metafiction of madness, sinuous and intriguing scenario and Gabino Rodríguez at the top of his interpretive art.

“I am no longer there”

11. I am no longer there, of Fernando Frias de la Parra (Mexico). The nostalgia for the country, the uprooting of the migrant, the counter-culture of the Mexican ‘kolombias’ of Monterrey and an impeccable protagonist come together in a film as unexpected as it is moving.

10. The conduits, Camilo Restrepo (Colombia). From Latin realism to the dreamy visual poetry of a director who promises to bring us many joys in cinemas.

9. White white, of Theo Cour (Chili). Sleek, stylish and Alfredo Castro as inspired as Maria Falconetti in ‘The Passion of Joan of Arc’, what more could you ask for?

8. The thousand and one, of Clarisa navas (Argentina). The undisputed leader of the most recent Argentinian cinema approaches her latest work as a choir and signs one of the most intense moments of the year.

7. The mole agent, Maite Alberdi (Chili). A slow ‘Tenet’ to remove James Bond in a hybrid documentary between reality and fiction. One of the most intense favorites of the public during the festivals of the year.

6. Girls, from Pilar palomero (Spain). If 2020 was the perfect harvest for international filmmakers, this trend has also been confirmed in Spain.

5. Without particular signs, Fernanda valadez (Mexico). A filmmaker capable of perfectly illustrating a road movie between two countries, shot only 20 kilometers around Guanajuato, is capable of anything. Fernanda Valadez: the future of Mexican cinema.

'la llorona'

‘La Llorona’

4. La Llorona, from Jayro bustamante (Guatemala). With a superb ending, the genius of Guatemalan cinema closes his trilogy of contempt in the best possible way, with a political film under the genre of terror.

3. Lúa vermella, from Patiño laws (Spain). There are no words to describe Lois Patiño’s cinema. His breath is pure celluloid and his gaze, although it is impossible for me to explain it, reminds me of the vision of Georges Méliès. A cinema without limits which leaves the screen and remains engraved in the retina.

2. La Verónica, by Leonardo of Medel (Chili). Although there is, fortunately, a big difference of opinion and criteria in the annual lists of informants of the cinema, some films are always repeated. Despite this, how to explain the absence of one of the most daring, lucid and brilliant films of the year, like “La Verónica”, by Leonardo of Medel. Possible explanation: what we see on the screen hurts because it’s too real.

'lúa vermella'

‘Lúa vermella’

1. The year of discovery, of Luis López Carrasco (Spain). And this is where the consensus was most unanimous (and least expected, it must be said). For the vast majority of critics, it is the year of the discovery of the power of the documentary (the proof, not only this film but also ‘My Mexican Bretzel’, among the best of the year at the national level). Luis López Carrasco made THE cinematic crown jewel of 2020.

See you soon at the cinema.

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