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St. David launches new medical education program

Austin, Texas – Staff shortages at Texas hospitals have become more apparent during the pandemic. St. David’s HealthCare is working to fill the physician shortage.

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  • As the COVID-19 pandemic continues and hospitalizations increase, hospitals in Texas have apparently become understaffed.
  • In response to this, St. David’s HealthCare is currently sponsoring several new graduate medical programs.
  • This program is primarily designed to keep physicians in the community
  • St. David’s HealthCare Also Adds OB / GYN Programs

St. to increase the limited number of residency options in Texas and keep more graduates in the community. David’s HealthCare recently became an Accreditation Council for the Graduate School of Medicine (ACGME) sponsorship for several new Graduate Medical Education (GME) programs.

“There are medical students who graduate, and when they apply for a place in general surgery, they are not enough,” said Dr. Jason Blocker, director of general surgery programs. “By letting them live here, they know what city life is. They know what the community is like. The chances of keeping them in the community are greatly increased.

According to the American Association of Medical Colleges, Texas has even fewer physicians per 100,000 than the country as a whole. Adding a program to St. David may fill the physician shortage in the region and state.

“In Texas, our medical school produces a number of talented graduates, but due to the limited number of graduate residents, many students leave the state to practice elsewhere. We have trained and established, ”said St. David’s Healthcare. “As a result, Texas loses doctors when a well-trained doctor is badly needed.”

St. David’s HealthCare GME program began in July with five residents participating in the first specialty training program, General Surgery.

“A lot of this means for us to learn how to be a doctor for the first time,” said Dr. Emmett Brown, who is part of St. David’s first new training program.

She will be in Austin for the next five years.

“By the time we are in our fourth and fifth years, we will be so-called senior residents,” said Dr Brown. “It only increases the operational experience. ”

The general surgery training program is based out of St. David’s South Austin Medical Center and will be rotated to other hospitals in the health system.

In addition, an Obstetrics and Gynecology (OB / GYN) program will be added within a year. The general surgery program will increase to include 25 residents over the next 5 years, and the OB / GYN program will increase to include 20 residents.

St. David launches new medical education program

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