Spain coach Luis Enrique downplayed South American football and this time Messi’s Argentina, as did Mbappé

Luis Enrique seems to think that South American football is not at the level of European football.

The Argentina national soccer team beat the Italian national soccer team 3-0 in the Finalissima, a one-game intercontinental tournament, yesterday afternoon, and while many people enjoyed the spectacle, someone one played down the match. that someone is Luis Enrique, Spain coach who downplayed South American football and this time Messi’s Argentina, just like Mbappé.

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It is worth recalling that a few days ago Kylian Mbappe again became the center of controversy by underestimating South American football by stating that in South America football does not have the same level as in Europe and claiming that this is why the teams that win the more world cups are European, thus provoking the anger of many players and incidentally, that of Lionel Messi, his teammate at PSG.

And as if it were some sort of fad or trend, on this day another protagonist of European football once again made South American football less with a venomous comment that was aimed at Lionel Messifrom Argentina, showing that he shares with Mbappé this point of view which considers South American football to be below the level of European football.

What said Luis Enrique, coach of Spain, who downplayed South American football and this time Messi’s Argentina, just like Mbappé

In a controversial act Luis Enriquecoach of the Spanish national football team said that if Argentina could beat Italy it is because this team is weak at the moment and that he will not even go to the World Cup, in addition to having sarcastically exclaimed that the victory obtained by the Albiceleste is not something “to go crazy about”.

But let’s not be mad either because I beat Italy 2-0“, were the words of the coach who did not even apologize for missing the result of the game and also closed his statements by saying that “Italy is now in a period of change, of weakness, which can last and from which it is difficult to get out”. Thus, the former coach of Messi at FCBarcelona underestimated Argentina’s victory over Italy.

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