Soda Stereo will give its last concert in Buenos Aires: the details of the “Gracias Totales” tour

An exclusive show, an ideal stadium to see it, luxury guest artists and stainless songs. “Thank you very much”the show that celebrates the career of Stereo Soda, will have its last show in Buenos Aires this Tuesday. The band commanded by Zeta Bosio there Charlie Alberti will show its most intimate and impressive version.

After a long tour that included Latin America there United States, the tour is coming to an end. Farewell promises an integrated environment that will generate a visual and sound experience impressive in the Arena of Buenos Aires.

Chris Martin said he was present through the gigantic screens. (Photo: Urban Press)For: Rodrigue Alonso

Therefore, the contrast with what happened a long time ago in the Polo field will be noticeable. At that time, more than 85,000 people enjoyed the songs of one of our country’s iconic bands. at this gig, Charlie Alberti there Zeta Bosio played for almost two and a half hours with their band made up of Richard Colman, Fabian “El Zorrito” Von Quintiero, Roly Urete there Simon Bossio.

Those who joined to make their voices heard were: Adrian Dargelos, Andrea Echevarri, Benito Cerati, Chris Martin, pink duck, Fernando Ruiz DiazAlvaro Henriquez, Gustave Santaolalla, Juanes, Juliette Venegas, Leon Larregui, My Laferte, Richard Colman, Ruben Albaran there Wallas.

The technological proposal included an impressive 400 square meter LED screen. A few guests passed by, footage of Soda’s full lineup and at several unprecedented moments in the group’s history.

Soda Stereo with some of his guests from the first night of his show.  (Photo: Urban Press)
Soda Stereo with some of his guests from the first night of his show. (Photo: Urban Press)For: Rodrigue Alonso

Soda Stereo: the numbers of “Gracias Totales”

After 15 presentations, “Gracias Totales – Soda Stereo” left concrete figures that show a success that exceeded all expectations. They passed 12 cities in nine countriesfrom Colombia, Peru, Mexico, the United States, Chile, the Dominican Republic and Paraguay. 45 people were in charge of producing the show which, to date, has sold 400 thousand entries and that after the show in Argentina, he will have another concert on June 2 in Panama.

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Soda Stereo: how to get tickets

Although they are few, there are still a few tickets left for the show in Buenos Aires. Tickets can be obtained on the stadium page.

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