SN Challenge, the Spanish youtubers fans of Argentina, climbed the Obelisk

Are the the Spaniards more Argentines on the Internet. They are Sebastián and Nuria or Seba and Nury, or SN Challengewhat is the name of your Youtube channel where they have over 1 million subscribers.

In the pandemic, when we were all cooped up looking for what to do and ravenous for screens, they decided to start recording their own reactions to different types of Argentinian expressions. Music, fans or meals. Everything is worthy of a good reaction.

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Perhaps the wonder of see two foreigners enjoying something very Argentinian like the recital of Indio Solari or Esperando la Carroza It made many people feel proud, puff out their patriotic chests, and see all the reactions of this couple growing by leaps and bounds on social media.

Argentina bond started virtually and first materialized in December, when the pandemic allowed it. This time they came alone, but now they are back, with their children and their stepfather, already famous on the Internet for their love of fern.

The Spaniards have over a million subscribers on SN Challenge, their YouTube channel (Photo: Telenoche)

Since they are on our lands, and this has led them to the most diverse experiences, we wanted to try everything and we proposed an almost impossible mission: Climb to the top of the obelisk. Climb these more than 200 steps and be in the center of the emblematic monument of the city of Buenos Aires. Easy job? Not at all.

We agreed to meet at 11:00 a.m. and they were there. People passing by would greet them, ask for a video for a family member or just a selfie. All was laughter until it was time to go up. Sebastian admitted to having a bit of a fear of heights, but “If there’s a barbecue upstairs, I’ll definitely go upstairs“, joked this Madrilenian who added later that”you have to know how to make sausages”. Already almost more Argentinian than July 9th.

We put on the helmets, the harness and everything that civil protection told us to climb the small staircase. Gray walls, painted with names and years, bear witness to this ascent. we went.

How is everything? Watch the full video above!

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