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Rural producers organize a demonstration of tractor caravans in Buenos Aires

Saturday April 23, 2022 – 10:04 UTC

Aramendi explained that rural producers need less pressure from the federal government

Argentine rural producers plan to hold a parade of tractor convoys on Saturday in Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires in front of the Casa Rosada to protest against several measures by the administration of President Alberto Fernández that have seriously affected them.

The rally also seeks to avoid further steps in the same direction by the national government, some of which have already been announced.

Buenos Aires Mayor Horacio Rodríguez Larreta admitted steps would be taken to ensure the convoy causes as few problems as possible for porteños, while the march’s organizers said they have all authorizations from authorities pending. of road.

Meanwhile, Federal Security Minister Aníbal Fernández wondered: “Are they going to enter the federal capital with tractors? Not a chance! ”, although he later admitted that the authorities of the city council had granted the necessary authorizations.

Minister Fernández said the federal government was not going to hinder the protest in any way, but neither was it going to protect it.

The president of the Rural Society of Rosario, Soledad Aramendi, explained that “the intention is not to hinder but it is a march that is a symbol to gather people along the way and to come together”.

Aramendi added in a radio interview with Uruguayan broadcaster Radio Colonia that the move was due to “the situation we are going through”. She explained that “citizens are fed up” with “proposals that are problems instead of solutions”.

“I hope everything will be harmonious and that nothing will happen, that there will be respect above all.”

“What is happening in this country is that the Constitution is not respected. If we respected it to the letter and regarding the Republic, everything would be different,” Aramendi stressed.

Rural producers are looking for “a completely different path [of action]an economic plan, that they stop issuing [money], that they reduce inflation, promote work and free trade; today they are promoting social plans (benefits), not jobs,” she continued.

Aramendi also argued that if there hadn’t been so many export duties all these years, “we would have a more developed country because there would be more investment and more jobs.”

“If the population is rid of taxes, it is development and independence, it is to promote work, it is dignity; the problem is that we have generations of people who don’t believe in it, who live in another reality because of a corrupt welfare system, “that needs” to be changed.

The caravan will be “in defense of the constitutional rights of citizens to work, trade and express themselves freely” against high tax pressure and will demand the removal of export taxes, a reduction in public spending and a solution to the shortage of diesel in the middle of the soybean and corn harvest.

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