RHS Grad Eve Lescovitz participates in an exchange program in Washington, D.C.

By Melissa Moore-Randall

Eve Lescovitz, a graduate of the Revere High School Class of 2020, has just completed her first summer as a program assistant for the Institute for Training and Development at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

“I had the wonderful opportunity to spend the summer with 15 amazing international economics and business scholars during their training under the American Institutes for Scholars Study, a series of academic exchange programs sponsored by the US State Department and conducted by ITD In my time with them, we have done everything from visiting the Massachusetts Statehouse and the US Capitol, attending a conference at the International Monetary Fund, doing from biking down the Potomac to white water rafting down the Deerfield River, I’ve lived a million summers in 6 weeks.

According to their website, The Institute for Training and Development (ITD) is a non-profit organization based in Amherst, Massachusetts dedicated to education and cross-cultural exchange. ITD has supported civic engagement, academic exchange, youth leadership, sustainable development and other priority areas around the world by immersing community leaders, scholars, professionals, government and non-government administrators in engaging programs from over 100 countries. ITD specializes in short-term academic, professional and youth exchanges.

Eve, the daughter of Rich and Diane Lescovitz, attended AC Whelan Elementary School and Susan B Anthony Middle School. She will begin her freshman year this fall at UMass. “I’m super excited to get back to campus and get back to living and seeing my friends. I will continue my work with ITD as a program assistant and also return for my second semester as a peer tutor at the school’s learning resource center, where I mentor students enrolled in introductory courses in Spanish and political science.

She is pursuing a double major in political science and Spanish, and is also pursuing a certificate in international relations. “I chose to pursue International Relations as well because after taking introductory political science classes, my first semester of freshman year. I realized that I found domestic politics and US government a bit boring and I enjoyed learning more about global politics and foreign policy. I like learning more about how the United States interacts with other countries than how we interact with ourselves, even though it may definitely be interesting sometimes, especially lately.

Like so many students, Eve’s college experience has been negatively affected by the pandemic. “Since my freshman year was online due to the pandemic, and my first semester on campus in the spring of 2021 was all about locking ourselves in our dorms, this past year has basically been my first full year of college where most clubs, classes, programs and activities are back in full swing. One of the funnest clubs I’ve been a part of this year was called Sisters on the Runway, a club dedicated to raising awareness for survivors of domestic violence, where we host an annual fashion show and donate proceeds to survivors.

“The most important thing I attended this year was called Umass Women Into Leadership, a very selective leadership program dedicated to women who want to pursue a career in public service. Throughout the program, we learn more about networking, salary negotiation, interviewing, writing a strong CV and much more These were weekly classes where we usually had a guest speaker including local politicians like the representative of the State Mindy Domb, or other women working for non-profit organizations or other government positions The program ended with a 3-day workshop where we networked with public sector professionals and private and attended guest addresses and panels on leadership and the work of government Our keynote speaker was Usha Pitts, U.S. Charge d’Affaires born in the Bahamas. We also had the opportunity to meet with former Boston Mayor Kim Janey where she gave a speech and did a Q&A with us over breakfast.

“After the fall semester, I will travel to Madrid, Spain, to do a semester abroad at the University of Nebrija, where I will continue to study Spanish from February to May. I have the intention to pursue a career in the foreign service, so in my senior year at UMass, I will likely be preparing to enroll in graduate school to further my education in foreign affairs.

“If it weren’t for the excellent education I received at Revere High School, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Mr. Kingston, Mr. Benner, Mr. Fellowes, Mr. Ciccarello, Mrs. Purkey and Mrs. Casper are just a few of the many teachers who have helped me navigate not only being a good student, but also a good friend. , teammate, leader, and the person – and due to the pandemic, I never got to thank them properly. My teachers were there for me and my hundreds of questions, worries, stories, and even the drama that came with being a teenager, scared and anxious to see what the world had in store for her. I am grateful for all the great opportunities and experiences.

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