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Former student named KWU debates and forensic trainer

You can’t fill the boots of a legend, but KWU alumnus Kiefer Storrer ’13 is excited to give it a try.

He was recently hired as the Kansas Wesleyan debate and forensic head coach, where he will take the reins from longtime coach Gary Harmon.

“It’s hard for anyone to keep up with someone this good, but I’m happy to do it. I know I can do it, ”Storrer said. “This job has been my dream since I was 20 or 21. Gary made the transition very easy.

During his 16 years at KWU, Harmon built a strong program and recruited students such as Storrer.

“Kansas Wesleyan was the only college I applied to because my high school debate coach knew Harmon, and she suggested I come here to pursue my career,” Storrer said. “I really found a home with the debate and forensic team and a good sense of community at KWU in general.”

During his student years, Storrer scored four individual victories, including top overall contender at Louisiana State University-Shreveport in 2012 and second place in parliamentary debate at Christian Nationals in 2013. He was also part of the debate team that placed first overall in Christian. Nationals in 2013.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in communication, Storrer took a year off to work. He then attended the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg, Missouri, where he helped coach the debate team as he completed his master’s degree. During this time, he also served as a judge for some forensic debates and competitions organized by KWU.

In the fall of 2016, he heard about a job at Glendale Community College in Glendale, Arizona.

“I had to decide over a weekend if I wanted to move 6pm there,” he said. “My car died halfway through college, so I didn’t have a car at the time. My dad helped me move. We packed his little Honda and drove 18 hours to Arizona.

His first year was an assistant coach for the debate and forensic program.

After that year he was promoted to Head Coach.

“It was good preparation for future coaching experiences,” said Storer. “I have coached over 100 students at community college.

For some students, debate and forensics were a new experience.

“I only had a few who had debated in high school,” Storrer said. “The hardest part about community college is that I rarely had students for the full two years. Even though we had them for a short time, we had some success and got some national titles. “

Titles include the coaching of Glendale Community College’s first-ever National Champion in the Parliamentary Debate at the Phi Rho Pi (Community College) Nationals in 2018 and Glendale Community College’s first-ever Showcase Artist at the Pi Kappa Delta Nationals in 2019.

In 2019, he received the Collie-Taylor Fellowship Award at the Phi Rho Pi Nationals, an annual peer-reviewed award showcasing training excellence and contributions to the forensic community. He was also elected governor of the region of Phi Rho Pi III from 2018 to 2020.

When COVID-19 hit, Glendale cut the coaching position and he returned to Kansas in July 2020.

“Barbara Marshall jumped through the hoops for me to be an assistant coach and teach as an adjunct faculty member,” Storrer said.

He collaborated with Harmon for the team’s 2020-21 competitive year, which took place exclusively online.

“We had huge success last year,” Storrer said. “The students are talented, but we’ve embraced online forensics as well.

“We were able to walk away with three national titles and several rankings at the national championships. We’ve had success online, and it’s the prospect of going on a road trip that’s exciting. It’s crazy to think how much better we will be in person.

Pursuing the culture is a priority as he enters his first year as a head coach.

“You can’t train passion,” Storrer said. “We are fortunate to have hard working students. There are other programs where a coach will write an entire speech for someone, and I’m so glad that is not our team’s culture. We have college students who are young and thoughtful. They have something to say and a story to share. Helping cultivate and facilitate each student’s voice is important to me.

Storrer started running when he was hired as a head coach.

“I communicate with the students and they can work on events during the summer,” he said.

“I couldn’t do it without the students. They are very talented and motivated. We have so much potential. The program will continue to grow.

At the community college level, Storrer said he didn’t have the ability to recruit students.

“I am excited about the recruiting. We have such a good recruiting (admissions) office, ”Storrer said. “It makes my job a lot easier to have those I know who are interested. I think the recruitment is going well and will be even stronger.

As the 2020-21 school year was her first at KWU, her influence in the classroom drew students such as junior Elizabeth Schaefer to the team.

“For part of an oral interpretation course, we are required to participate in a competition. I was the first one, so I thought, “Maybe I should try again,” said Schaefer, a drama junior with a music minor. “I did forensics in high school and went to national championships in my senior year. I promised myself I would stop there, but I met Kiefer and he invited me to join the team.

Schaefer placed third in Dramatic Performance and fourth in the Oral Performance Program at the National Christian College Forensics Invitational and was semi-finalist in Dramatic Performance at the Pi Kappa Delta National Comprehensive Tournament.

“I love my team. We are close to each other and we support each other,” Schaefer said.

The family atmosphere is essential according to Harmon.

“The quality of the team is going to be solid, and it was really important that we keep the core that we’ve built over the past two years,” he said.

Storrer worked closely with Harmon as an assistant coach, and Harmon said he had earned the team’s respect.

“It’s relational. Kiefer was coming into my team, so he had to build a relationship with them – a relationship that they would trust, understand and know he knew what he was talking about, ”Harmon said. “At the end of the year, the students would go to him to ask questions before they came to see me, that’s where we wanted them to be.

The Wesleyan team is young and strong, with a bright future.

“I think Harmon wanted to know he was leaving the program in good hands,” Storrer said. “I didn’t have to go through a lot of obstacles to build that confidence. I think he always believed in me.

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Spain Economy

Why adult online dating is here to stay

A secret weapon can take many forms, but what if it comes in the form of a webcam chat? When it comes to adult online dating sites, webcam chats are their best feature – and that’s what sets them apart from regular online dating platforms.

Can webcam chats really be so special? They can, and you’ll find out why below. Thanks to their versatility, sites like Shagle have attracted millions of users around the world – and they’re showing no signs of slowing down.

Typical dating sites may restrict your style, but adult dating sites give you a lot more options.

While it is obvious that regular dating platforms are massively popular, they have some pretty obvious shortcomings. For one thing, if you’re not able to meet your date in person, you’re stuck with text chat as your primary means of communication – and relationship building in general. On the other hand, most dating sites have pretty strict policies on nudity and sexual content. In fact, some of them employ moderators who patrol the site for violations. Finally, your average dating site is a popular choice for scammers in love, especially since it is so easy to sign up with fake profiles.

Text chats vs video chats

Even if you are the most active person in all group chats, you might still find it difficult to empathize with someone online if the only possible mode of communication is text chat. When you text your family and friends, you are talking to people who already know you. They don’t care if you aren’t the kind of text proofreader, and they don’t mind your lavish use of emojis. This is because they’ve met you in real life, so even if your texting style isn’t 100% consistent, it doesn’t really affect how they perceive you.

If you are on a dating site, however, text chat could be your first, last, and only method of communication. If you’re not very good at texting your message, it could lead to all kinds of misconceptions about you. Not only will you spend a lot of time with little results, but you might also end up with a lower overall success rate.

In comparison, video chats allow potential romantic interests to see what you look like, what you look like, and generally what kind of person you are. Of course, people can always put themselves in the wrong light during a video chat, but this is much more difficult to achieve than in a text chat. Even if you are not very good with words, the other person can still tell that you are being genuine just by looking at your body language.

And later in the relationship? Between the strict usage policies and the inherent limitations of text chat, there’s not much you can do to intensify an online relationship on a traditional dating site. Relax policies and add webcam chats, and you’re officially cooking on gas. You and your special someone can go on webcam dates, talk in real time when one of you has something on your mind, and even get intimate – virtually, of course.

Differences in permitted content and behavior

For what it’s worth, it makes sense that most dating sites restrict sexual content on their sites. The idea is to help people meet, in order to meet in real life if all goes well. If this is what ultimately happens, couples online don’t really need a platform that allows them to go all the way.

Unfortunately, this is not always what happens. Maybe they just don’t have time for this kind of relationship, or they live too far apart for this to be possible. Under these circumstances, a typical dating site would be of rather limited use.

This is why so many people choose adult dating sites instead. They can choose a site that focuses on one-off interactions between singles looking for an adventure, or they can also choose something that supports long-term relationships. Either way, they don’t have to limit themselves to meet the terms and conditions; as long as everything is legal and consensual, they can pretty much do whatever they want.

Since you can use webcam chats for conversations, dating, and intimacy, there isn’t as much pressure to take the relationship offline. You can both take your time getting to know each other, without feeling like something essential is missing.

More trust in the people you meet

Would you like to know how much money was lost in romance scams last year? According to the reported cases, the number stands at 304 million US dollars. People are on their own and it looks like they are willing to ignore some red flags in the hope that their special someone is real and will be taking this flight from South Africa very, very soon.

If romance scammers depend on one thing, it’s how easily they can impersonate someone else on most dating sites. All you need are a few profile photos and a story that moves you, and presto, it’s time to set the bait and see who bites.

If webcam chats are the primary form of interaction, however, this type of scam becomes much more complicated. Of course, it’s always possible for people to create a fake identity on a webcam chat… but you can at least tell the people you’re talking to don’t introduce themselves too drastically. This means that most romantic scammers will avoid adult dating sites, so you don’t have to be so skeptical when meeting someone online.

Adult dating sites aren’t for everyone, but they’re just the ticket for people who actually want to go online.

What does the meeting look like for you? Chances are, you’ll find everything you’re looking for on the right adult dating site. If you’ve struggled to find that special someone, maybe you just haven’t looked in the right places.

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Spanish argentina

Codere will appear on the Club de Futbol jersey

  • The Codere logo (the “Company”) will appear on the front of the team jersey which, along with the marketing initiatives planned for the coming months, will help strengthen the Codere brand in Mexico as a betting partner of foreground in the country.
  • The Company has achieved the club’s “main sponsor” category, as part of its sponsorship agreement for the next four seasons (up to the 2024/2025 season).
  • The Company recently pushed the international expansion of its omnichannel game with the launch of the group’s digital subsidiary, Codere Online, the first online gaming operator in Latin America to be listed on Nasdaq.

MADRID, Spain and MEXICO CITY, July 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Codere, a leading multinational private gaming company in Europe and Latin America, has taken a further step in its sponsorship deal with Monterrey Rayados Football Club, MX League of Mexico, raising its category to main sponsor and its name from “Official Sponsor” to “Official Partner of Paris” of the Club, allowing it to display its logo on the front of the team jersey.

The new official jerseys, now from the Codere brand, were presented yesterday in the friendly match between Rayados and Guadalajara, a preamble to the next Liga MX season, which begins on July 23.

Thus, Rayados players wore the company logo on the home shirt (with the striped shirt), during the first half, and on the away kit (in white and blue), during the second half of the match. Soon, the brand will take pride of place in the club’s stadium, in the Codere “Suite” and in other highly visible areas of the hall.

Likewise, the Company today launched a major advertising campaign which will be broadcast on television, radio and digital media through various social networks, both from the club and from Codere, designed to connect with both to the team’s followers and its sports betting clients.

Access the spot of the “History” campaign via the following link.

Over the next few months, various joint marketing actions will be put in place to promote the experience of club supporters and Codere sports betting customers, with access to the stadium, invitations to matches and VIP plans, among other activities resulting from this. perfect match between games and exclusive football-related experiences.

Alberto Telias, Marketing Director of Codere Online, said: “We are convinced that this long-term alliance between the two companies will allow us to grow together and achieve important goals. We could not have found a better travel companion in our expansion trip to Mexico than the Rayados de Monterrey Football Club.

Meanwhile, Pedro Esquivel, Executive Vice President of Rayados, said he was pleased to have Codere as the club’s official betting partner, calling it “a new step that will undoubtedly energize the team, its supporters and football and sports fans”. and the enthusiasm to face the next Mexican League season. “

Mexico, a model for Codere’s expansion in Latin America

Since arriving in Mexico in 1998, Codere has maintained a leading position in providing regulated entertainment games in the country. The sponsorship with Rayados reinforces the objective of growing the company in Latin America.

Codere’s omnichannel gaming portfolio in the country included (before the temporary Covid-19-related closures) 95 gambling halls, 93 sports betting stores and nearly 21,500 gaming machines, in addition to its online gaming platform ,, which offers sports betting and a casino. Games. Likewise, the company operates the Hipódromo de las Américas, the Granja Las Américas and the Citibanamex Convention Center (converted from last year until very recently into a field hospital for Covid-19 patients).

Carlos Sabanza, Sponsorship Manager of Codere, underlines the importance of this sponsorship in the evolution of the group after an extraordinary year marked by the strong impact of the pandemic on the entertainment sector, in particular on the gaming industry with the closure of gaming rooms and the postponement of sports competition. Therefore, he underlines, “Our agreement with one of the main clubs in Liga MX in addition to maintaining our agreement with Real Madrid CF, as official betting partner, since 2016, allows us to continue to develop our international brand and achieve our ambition to be the leading company in the Spanish-speaking sports betting and gaming market.

Codere and the Monterrey Rayados Football Club will share the winning combination of entertainment, the best game and the best football, with their sports fans and sports betting customers in Mexico for the next four seasons.

On June 22, 2021, Codere Online (the online subsidiary of Grupo Codere) and DD3 Acquisition Corp. II (NASDAQ: DDMX, DDMXU, DDMXW), a publicly traded ad hoc acquisition company, entered into a definitive business combination agreement that would result in Codere Online becoming America’s leading publicly traded online gaming operator Latin.

About Codere

Codere is an international gaming operator, present in seven countries in Europe -Spain and Italy- and Latin America -Argentina, Mexico, Panama, Colombia and Uruguay-, which operates slot machines, bingo seats and sports betting terminals with an omnichannel offering, both press release 3 via the online channel and retail, which include arcades, arcades, 9,200 bars and racetracks.

About Codere Online

Codere Online was launched in 2014 as part of renowned casino operator Codere Group. Codere Online offers online sports betting and online casino through its state-of-the-art website and mobile app. Codere currently operates in its main markets of Spain, Italy, Mexico, Colombia and Panama and plans to start operating in the city of Buenos Aires (Argentina) at the end of 2021. Codere Online activities are complemented by the Codere Group’s physical presence throughout Latin America, forming the basis for the region’s leading omnichannel gaming and casino presence.

About DD3 Acquisition Corp. II

DD3 (NASDAQ: DDMX, DDMXU, DDMXW) was formed for the purpose of completing a merger, capital stock exchange, asset acquisition, share purchase, recapitalization, reorganization or other business combination similar with one or more companies or entities. DD3’s efforts to identify a potential target business are not limited to any particular industry or geographic region.

Codere with Responsible Gaming

Codere is resolutely committed to the development of a game offer with all guarantees for the user. To this end, the group operates by implementing the best responsible gaming practices, promoting transparency and supporting public policies for user guarantees, protection of vulnerable groups and the sustainability of the industry.

More information:
[email protected]


Ryan Lawrence, IC
[email protected]

Brian Ruby, IC
[email protected]

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Adult, three children killed in fiery crash on I-64 in New Kent

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – Four people, an adult and three children, died in a car crash on Interstate 64 westbound on Monday morning, Virginia State Police said.

The accident occurred at Exit 214 of Providence Forge opposite Colonial Downs. The left westbound lane of I-64 in New Kent reopened after the crash closed all lanes earlier, according to the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT).

The VDOT says a backup that had a line of traffic spanning eight and a half miles at one point due to the crash is missing. Traffic had been diverted at Exit 220, Eltham Road in New Kent County, and Exit 227, Old Stage Road in Toana. Drivers have been advised to expect delays and to plan an alternate route.

Traffic accident on I-64 on Monday July 12, 2021 (Photo: Paul Nevadomski)
Accident on I-64
Traffic accident on I-64 on Monday July 12, 2021 (Photo: Paul Nevadomski)

State Police said a sedan was passing traffic on the right shoulder as it pulled off the road on the grassy shoulder and struck a pole housing a VDOT traffic camera, catching fire. The front passenger was cut from the vehicle and taken to a local hospital with life-threatening injuries. The driver and three miners died instantly.

The identity of the deceased is withheld until positive identification can be established and the next of kin can be informed. The police investigation into the incident is ongoing.

Aerial view of traffic accident
Aerial view of the accident (Photo: WAVY)

State Police Sgt. Dylan Davenport could not provide specific details at the start of this investigation, but says they will try to find out how this car derailed in the first place.

“This is one of the first things we look at for any accident, why the vehicle action was terminated,” Davenport said. “So, was there, was the vehicle really on the shoulder?” Why was the vehicle on the shoulder? And what caused the vehicle to leak are things that we will work to determine during the investigation. “

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16-year-old charged as adult in fatal drive-by shooting that killed teenage girl

16-year-old Jeremiah Woods was transferred from juvenile court last week, and records show he is now charged with second degree murder as an adult in Orange County Jail.

Investigators said it was Woods’ gunfire that killed 16-year-old Taviyah King on May 2.

King is the niece of Orlando City Commissioner Regina Hill and dreamed of one day being a veterinarian.

“She was on her way home with friends on May 2 when she was shot and killed in a reprisal shootout by a gang not intended for her,” said Jose Velez, deputy chief of the police department of ‘Orlando.

Police first released these details at a July 2 press conference, claiming Woods had been captured in New York City.

Investigators said two teenagers, Anthony Barnes, 17, and Jacarious Simpson, 18, had previously been arrested and were facing charges for King’s death.

“Our detectives believe the three of them opened fire on the car Taviyah King was in,” Velez said. The detective said Woods’ gunshots ultimately ended the 16-year-old’s life.

A d

New documents in Woods’ case show a witness told police: “They were at the party and heard there were ‘Carver Shores’ at the party and they were now heading to the Wawa. . “

The affidavit goes on to say that “when they heard that the opposing set was coming to Wawa, they decided to set up for the shoot.”

Woods is now sitting behind bars without bail.

Taviyah King’s family continue to cry and have asked for confidentiality.

Copyright 2021 by WKMG ClickOrlando – All rights reserved.

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Buenos aires

Buenos Aires Hours | Tears and cheers: Argentina erupts as 28-year wait comes to an end

Tears, cheers, screams of joy to the skies – Argentina celebrated in style on Saturday night as the country’s grieving supporters celebrated the end of a 28-year drought.

All eyes were on the television screens as the Albiceleste emerged victorious from the Maracanã, taking a 1-0 victory over rivals Brazil to claim the Copa América title.

As Uruguayan referee Esteban Ostojich whistled to mark the end of the match – and captain Lionel Messi fell to his knees to celebrate on the grass in Rio de Janeiro, Argentina erupted. In scenes recreated in villages, towns and cities across the country, supporters dressed in light blue and white flocked to the streets, cheering, jumping, singing and celebrating.

This is Argentina’s first major title since 1993 and not just, it’s Messi’s first trophy with the national team. For the first time, fans got to see the world’s best player celebrating with his compatriots – doubling down on the cause of the celebration.

‘To finish!’

“Finally, finally!” Shouted Argentinian commentator Juan Pablo Varsky as victory was confirmed, the sign for thousands of people to flood the streets and make their way to the city center.

As usual, huge crowds gathered around the iconic Obelisk monument in the nation’s capital, Buenos Aires‘ famous stage for mass celebrations. With Covid-19 fears temporarily all but forgotten, fans had stepped out to celebrate in style. As the mass of supporters grew larger, cars soon began to flood Avenida 9 de Julio, honking their horns with joy.

The last time such a large crowd was seen in Buenos Aires was another football-related event: the sad loss of perhaps the country’s greatest player, Diego Maradona, last November.

Large crowds were also reported at various locations across the country, particularly in Rosario, the hometown of Messi and flying winger Ángel Di María, who scored the winner on Saturday night which helped Argentina to win the title.

Joy – in times of pain

Social media was another place where the euphoria was channeled. A few seconds after the final whistle, #Estoyllorando was a trending topic, as was #Maradona, with thousands of messages posted saying the late star must have been part of it.

“I would like to congratulate and embrace our huge team for bringing the country to the top,” President Alberto Fernández said in a message on Twitter.

“The Argentine people will always remember that in times of pain, they sowed hope and brought us immense joy. VAMOS ARGENTINA! ” he wrote.

Politicians across the aisle quickly posted messages, with the grieta – Argentina’s strong political polarization – briefly forgotten in a moment of national euphoria.

A TV clip that went viral showed a fan shouting that the country was finally united, if only for a moment.

“Today there is no inflation, no parallel exchange rate, today there is only Argentina and we are together!” the unidentified fan shouted into a microphone on the C5N news channel.

Back in the bars, many were still in disbelief.

“I loved it, I saw us pressuring (…) and I loved seeing [Ángel] Di María scored the goal, he deserved it, “said Facundo Martínez, 22, at Patio de los Lecheros, a food market in Caballito which projected the match on a giant screen.

Fans had watched the game there and at various bars and restaurants across the country while following Covid protocols, but Saturday night’s street celebrations fell far short of the rules.

Some were already expressing concerns about the potential impact on infections and deaths the scenes could be responsible for.

Most of the fans, however, were still in seventh heaven on Sunday morning. The long wait is over – and it’s certainly worth celebrating.


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CONCACAF Gold Cup 2021 schedule: full dates, times, TV channels to watch each game in the USA

The Gold Cup is the regional championship that crowns the best national team in North America, Central America and the Caribbean region (CONCACAF). The tournament takes place every two years and Mexico is the defending champion.

The 2021 edition takes place in the United States with 16 participating countries, including a team of special guests and reigning Asian champion Qatar. The 16 teams were divided into four groups; the first two from each group will advance to the quarter-finals. The knockout matches will be played until the final on August 1.

A preliminary round took place July 2-6, from which Trinidad and Tobago, Haiti and Guadeloupe advanced to the group stage. Curacao was forced to withdraw a day before the tournament after a surge in positive COVID-19 tests. Guatemala, the top-ranked team among those eliminated in the preliminary round, took their place.

How to watch the 2021 Gold Cup matches in the United States

  • TV channels: Fox, FS1, FS2
  • Television in Spanish: Univision, UniMas, TUDN, Galavision
  • Streams: fuboTV (all 31 games) | Fox Sports and TUDN apps for authenticated subscribers

Fox will broadcast all 31 games in English on Fox (one game), FS1 (24 games) and FS2 (six games). All the action will be available on the Fox Sports app for authenticated subscribers.

Univision will broadcast Spanish coverage of the 31 games on its network of channels: Univision (16 games), UniMas (10 games), TUDN (27 games) and Galavision (four games). The matches will also be available online through the TUDN app and for authenticated TV subscribers.

You can stream all Fox coverage in English and Univision linear channels in Spanish through fuboTV (7 day free trial).

2021 Gold Cup Calendar

Sunday July 11

Match Time (ET) tv channels Flux
Canada vs. Martinique 6.30 p.m. FS1, Univision, TUDN fuboTV
United States vs. Haiti 8:30 p.m. FS1, Univision, TUDN fuboTV
El Salvador vs. Guatemala 10:30 p.m. To be determined fuboTV

Monday July 12

Match Time (ET) tv channels Flux
Jamaica vs. Suriname 6.30 p.m. FS1, UniMas, TUDN fuboTV
Costa Rica vs Guadeloupe 9:00 p.m. FS1, UniMas, TUDN fuboTV

Tuesday July 13

Match Time (ET) tv channels Flux
Qatar vs. Panama 7:00 p.m. FS1, UniMas, TUDN fuboTV
Honduras vs. Grenada 9:00 p.m. FS1, UniMas, TUDN fuboTV

Wednesday July 14

Match Time (ET) tv channels Flux
Trinidad and Tobago vs. El Salvador 7:30 p.m. FS1, UniMas, TUDN fuboTV
Guatemala vs. Mexico 9:30 p.m. FS1, Univision, TUDN fuboTV

Thursday July 15th

Match Time (ET) tv channels Flux
Haiti vs Canada 7:30 p.m. FS1, TUDN fuboTV
Martinique vs. United States 9:30 p.m. FS1, UniMas, TUDN fuboTV

Friday July 16

Match Time (ET) tv channels Flux
Guadeloupe vs Jamaica 6.30 p.m. FS1, UniMas, TUDN fuboTV
Suriname vs. Costa Rica 8:30 p.m. FS1, UniMas, TUDN fuboTV

Saturday July 17th

Match Time (ET) tv channels Flux
Grenada vs. Qatar 7:30 p.m. FS1, Univision, TUDN fuboTV
Panama vs. Honduras 9:30 p.m. FS1, Univision, TUDN fuboTV

Sunday July 18

Match Time (ET) tv channels Flux
Martinique vs. Haiti 5:00 p.m. FS2, Galavision fuboTV
United States vs. Canada 5:00 p.m. Fox, Univision, TUDN fuboTV
Mexico vs. El Salvador 10:00 p.m. FS1, Univision, TUDN fuboTV
Guatemala v Trinidad and Tobago 10:00 p.m. FS2, Galavision fuboTV

Tuesday July 20

Match Time (ET) tv channels Flux
Suriname vs. Guadeloupe 7:00 p.m. FS2, Galavision fuboTV
Costa Rica vs Jamaica 7:00 p.m. FS1, UniMas, TUDN fuboTV
Honduras vs. Qatar 9:00 p.m. FS1, UniMas, TUDN fuboTV
Panama vs Grenada 9 p.m. FS2, Galavision fuboTV

Saturday July 24 (Quarter-finals)

Match Time (ET) tv channels Flux
QF1: 1D against 2A 7:30 p.m. FS2, Univision, TUDN fuboTV
QF2: 1A against 2D 10:00 p.m. FS1, Univision, TUDN fuboTV

Sunday July 25 (Quarter-finals)

Match Time (ET) tv channels Flux
QF3: 1C against 2B 7:00 p.m. FS1, Univision, TUDN fuboTV
QF4: 1B against 2C 9:30 p.m. FS1, Univision, TUDN fuboTV

Thursday July 29 (Semi-finals)

Match Time (ET) tv channels Flux
Winner QF1 against winner QF4 7:30 p.m. FS1, Univision, TUDN fuboTV
Winner QF2 against winner QF3 10:00 p.m. FS1, Univision, TUDN fuboTV

Sunday August 1 (final)

Match Time (ET) tv channels Flux
Championship match 8:30 p.m. FS1, Univision, TUDN fuboTV

Gold Cup 2021: Tournament format

The Gold Cup tournament is played out in the same way as other continental tournaments around the world, with a group stage followed by knockout rounds:

Group stage: The 16 national teams are divided into four groups. Each team will play three games in a round robin competition. The top two from each group will advance to the quarter-finals.

Knockout rounds: The eight teams that come out of the group stage are paired up in pre-determined quarter-final matches based on their placement in the group. A fixed range of quarterfinals and knockout semi-finals will leave two teams vying for the final on Sunday, August 1 in Las Vegas.

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Gap year programs

summer schools help aboriginal students prepare for college | Voice of America

The University of India in North America, located at the Crazy Horse Memorial near Custer, hopes for a more successful transition for Indigenous students preparing to attend college.

The 7th Generation Summer Program, an eight-week program in partnership with the University of South Dakota, offers Indigenous students the opportunity to live and work on the University of India campus in North America. North. The program includes paid internship experience and the possibility of earning 12 college credits.

Whitney Rencountre, associate director of enrollment management, said the program aims to prepare students to enter the world of higher education with the tools they need to be successful.

“We brought (students) here, earned 12 college credits before the freshman year, developed a cohort of students who are future young Indigenous leaders, and even after graduating from college. It provides the tools to stay in touch, to be successful and to guide, and I think it has been a huge success for our program, ”said Rencanter.

Indigenous students graduate from college at a statistically lower rate than any other demographic. The Rapid City Journal reports that about 23% of Indigenous students graduated from college at Rencanter, compared to 47% of all students.

Bridging the gap by teaching students about time management, financial literacy, work habits and life coaching is one of the main goals of the program.

Rencanter said the program was working. Eighty percent of alumni who responded to the program’s survey are enrolled in or graduated from college.

According to Rencanter, when these students enroll at the institution in their home country, the faculty are “surprisingly” ready and have the skills to succeed, such as good time management, study and teaching habits. job. Say there is.

“Whatever their dreams are, we try to help them make them come true. It literally saves them from poverty. Education continues to be a great equalizer, ”said the president of the Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation. And COO Laurie Bekbar said.

Indigenous students are often first-generation students, Rencanter says.

“Traditionally (indigenous) family circles were so close, and even today many of our family circles are so close that they face the challenge of being alone when someone leaves. I will do it, ”he said. “One of the successes of this program is that our leaders are all Aboriginal and most of us are first generation students as well.

“So we help students prepare for the culture shock they face when they go to college, defend themselves, and provide students with the tools to survive the difficult times of loneliness and estrangement from home. their family. . ”

Preparing to go to college

Doris Tinsley, the program’s student success manager and alumnus of the Wisjipan Fall Seniors Program, said the University of India in North America was designed for people like her.

A native of Long Island, Tinsley graduated from Virginia Tech last year and returned to college on the gap year to attend law school.

“The students don’t have to go through this culture shock as it is mostly native women who were in white educational institutions and who frequent predominantly native environments with all kinds of expressions. It’s like me. A native-led team built for the people, ”Tinsley said. The connections I have made as students are more relevant to Indigenous students, especially those like me who wish to study tribal law. I learned the opportunity. ”

The location of the college program at the Crazy Horse Memorial is reminiscent of the monument’s beginning and the Black Hills as a traditional sacred place for the Lakota, Bekbar said.

“I don’t think there is anything like that in the world. It is a moving story not only about indigenous peoples, but also about learning in the context of the monuments and the stories behind this monument, which is to never give up. ., About having a dream and making your dream come true. That’s why we exist today, ”she said.

Becvar said one of the ways monuments give back to indigenous communities is by educating indigenous youth. This program is not an exorbitant expense for students – most of the tuition, books, meals, and accommodation are paid for by the Crazy Horse Memorial.

Students pay just $ 850 for an eight-week experience, Becvar said. Students have the option of deducting funds from their internship salary and the option to recoup 50% of their meals and accommodation costs at the end of the summer.

According to Bekbar, the summer program is very competitive. We accept up to 32 people each year, typically around 75 applications.

The 2021 program welcomes students from 10 different states and 29 different tribal countries across the country, from Alaska to Oklahoma to California.

According to Rencanter, being with indigenous students from other tribes allows students to experience other cultures. This is something that you usually don’t get in public schools.

The courses in the program are early general classes, but Indigenous culture is deeply ingrained in all coursework. All teachers are Indigenous, and students read Indigenous literature, learn Indigenous arts, and take weekend trips to sacred sites to learn about the history of the land.

“We teach our students to represent their families and their communities wherever they are,” says Rencanter. “When they start to realize that they can be proud of their family when they leave the community, they will see sparks in their eyes. ”

According to Rencanter, this program is called the 7th generation. Indeed, Indigenous leaders predicted that they would begin to prosper again in seven generations after the colonization of Europe effectively destroyed the ways of life of Indigenous peoples.

“It was people like Black Elk who predicted this trauma… it would take seven generations to start to get back to normal,” he said. “So now the 7th generation is happening, where our students are trying to advance a new tradition in terms of healing, harmony, growth and support.”

Miguel Eagle, a student at Ogura La Lakota College, who is majoring in Lakota studies with a focus on cultural tourism, attends the High Performance Summer Program at Indian University of North America after attending the first year of the 2019 experience.

Eagle will return to Crazy Horse Paris in the fall for Wisipang’s semester long program on leadership and sustainability. He said the program was a truly wonderful experience and changed the course of his college career.

“It really helped relieve the stress of graduating from high school and going to college,” Eagle said.

The program also helped me figure out what I wanted to do with my life after graduating from college, Eagle said. He plans to earn a master’s degree in education after completing an undergraduate course.

“I am a caring person. I am a mentor and love to teach people. I was surprised to have it this year, ”Eagle said. “As a final year student talking to a freshman, I realized that I love helping such people. It surprises me – until I come here that interests me. I did not think. ”

One of her favorite aspects of the program is Friday family home evening. There, students meet up after work and class to relax and enjoy home-cooked meals prepared by various groups of classmates. There is also a series of guest speakers who discuss the indigenous history of the Black Hills and Great Plains.

Recent broadcasts have focused on the Battle of Little Bighorn, or Little Bighorn.

“A lot of us have stolen a lot of information from us, not just relaxing, but empowering us,” Eagle said. “You can spend time and learn about people’s backgrounds… it’s really an empowering exchange on the part of the students and guest speakers. ”

He said he was trying to point out to people that the students were being used for their work as part of their internship, rather than pledging to the Crazy Horse Memorial. According to Eagle, students learn to become professional employees.

“I love to see it at face value… and I love to see how deeply rooted this (program) is in the mutual support between Indigenous and non-Indigenous cultures,” he said. “We are not only there to make the monument beautiful. We really take things home and into the community and apply them (skills) to make the community bigger. ”

The program is rewarding, but Rencanter said most of the students did it with the right support and found the experience to be rewarding.

He said that many students are not used to always being encouraged by adults or making people believe in them. This program provides students with a positive place to change the direction of their life in the direction they desire.

“I think it’s important to overcome tough times and continue to be encouraged. I think the students develop it while they’re here and (even after they leave), ”Rencanter said. ..

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Spanish schools

New York school staff have ‘no confidence’ in principal after race

A Washington Heights high school faculty rebels against their principal, accusing in a vote of no confidence that they “blatantly but unsuccessfully divide our school by race.”

Paula Lev, principal of the High School for Law and Public Service, is currently under investigation by the city’s Department of Education for allegedly telling a faculty member she “was going to get rid of of all these white teachers who do nothing for the children of our community, ”indicates a complaint.

Lev, a Dominican, also asked the faculty member to “conspire with her” to try to oust a white colleague, according to the complaint filed last week with the DOE’s equal opportunities office.

“She definitely has something against white people,” says the complaint, obtained by The Post.

“She definitely has something against the Whites.”

– Complaint against the principal of the New York school

On the last day of school, Lev informed the faculty member that he was “over-placed” – meaning he was no longer needed at school – and that he should seek employment elsewhere. in the DOE.

“He denounced it and a week later he was overwhelmed,” said a colleague. It is not known if Lev was aware of the complaint.

Latent disorders

The complaint came amid latent unrest at the school, which staff members blamed on what they said was Lev distorting current concepts of fairness and anti-racism, which the DOE promotes and which teachers overwhelmingly support.

Dissatisfaction with Lev, 39, erupted in February, when teacher Nick Bacon, the union section chief, filed a routine grievance over a scheduling issue that could have affected most. teachers, staff members said.

In front of half a dozen other staff, Lev questioned Bacon’s motives.

“I wasn’t sure what your problem was with me, maybe it’s because I’m a woman of color and you’re a white man?” Lev asked Bacon, according to a March 2 letter to District 6 superintendent Manny Ramirez signed by most of the school’s full members.

“I wasn’t sure what your problem was with me, maybe it’s because I’m a woman of color and you’re a white man?”

– Suspected comment from the principal to the teacher

Staff were outraged that Lev apparently accused Bacon, who raised their work concerns, of being racist. The school has a diverse staff – about half-white, some Jews and Greeks. A mixture of black, Hispanics and Asians make up the rest.

The grievance raised by Bacon was resolved in favor of the union. In an effort to allay the fury over Lev’s remark, Ramirez agreed in a meeting that what she said was “inappropriate,” but added that the comment expressed Lev’s feelings and urged Bacon to work with her, staff said.

In a subsequent meeting with Bacon, Lev apologized for making the remark openly at a staff conference – but not for the substance of his comment, saying it reflected his true feelings and should have been expressed. alone, people briefed on the discussion said.

Staff were outraged when a principal allegedly accused a teacher of being a racist.

At the same time, they said, Lev suggested Bacon read Robin DiAngelo’s 2018 book “White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism,” which argues that whites are on the defensive. when asked about racial inequality.

She said Bacon could join her and other staff in studying the book and having “courageous conversations,” using a term coined by a consultant hired by the DOE to give workshops on implicit bias. to employees.

Four months after the conflict involving Bacon, another faculty member filed a discrimination complaint, alleging that Lev pressured him to help organize the ouster of a colleague, an unidentified white woman.

“Asked me to conspire with her”

Lev wanted the faculty member to obtain a public education certification, the complaint says, so that he does not have the same title as the targeted colleague, thus paving the way for Lev to “overtake” the most senior member. former staff.

“Ms. Lev has repeatedly asked me to conspire with her to get rid of my colleague,” says the faculty member in the OEO file.

“She also told me in Spanish that she was going to ‘get rid of all those white teachers who do nothing for the children in our community,'” the complaint reads.

“She… told me… that she was’ going to get rid of all these white teachers.”

– Complaint against the director of NYC

He concludes: “I think Ms. Lev is not suitable for the post of director because of the comments she made to me about white people and the malicious ways she thinks and talks about. She is not fit to run a school.

“As school staff, we have lost confidence, credibility, trust and, most importantly, we have lost hope in Ms. Lev as principal of the High School for Law & Public Service.”

Frustrated staff members said Bacon contacted Chancellor Meisha Porter in early July, begging her to intervene after Ramirez failed to resolve the conflict.

‘Divided … by race’

On June 24, most of the school’s 50 faculty members gathered to examine four possible reasons for voting defiance of Lev, including that she had 1) “blatantly but unsuccessfully attempted to divide our community school by race ”and 2)“ disrespect, slander and / or arbitrarily attack respected educators, to the detriment of our entire school community. ”

The ballot also gave as reasons that Lev “constantly violated our contract” and did not cooperate with the staff on important school decisions.

“With nearly all of the 40+ voting members, including tenured and non-tenured teachers, paraprofessionals and related service professionals, 83.3% voted that they no longer trusted our principal to lead our school, “an email told staff members.

No-confidence votes against DOE principals are unusual. Forest Hills HS faculty in Queens voted against trusting then-principal Ben Sherman in 2019 after complaints, among other things, that he was allowing student-smoked marijuana to spread. The DOE ultimately removed Sherman from the school, but gave him a bureaucratic position at the same salary.


Lev was appointed acting director of Law and Public Service, one of five schools on the George Washington Education Campus, in February 2020, shortly before the COVID-19 shutdown. She received the job late last year after replacing beloved founding director Nicholas Politis, who retired.

Previously, she worked for three years as an Education Specialist for the DOE Specialized Data System. Prior to that, she was Assistant Director of Special Education for three years and a Special Education teacher for three years.

Lev, whose salary was $ 165,542 last year, is married to another DOE director, Benjamin Lev.

She did not resend any messages. DOE spokesman Nathaniel Styer declined to comment on the faculty’s vote of no confidence. “The superintendent and executive superintendent are working closely with the principal, students and the community to address concerns,” he said.

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Buenos aires

Buenos Aires Hours | City Hall eases Covid restrictions on outdoor gatherings and events

The Buenos Aires city government on Thursday announced changes to its coronavirus protocols and restrictions for citizens, attributing the news to a decrease in infections and average daily deaths.

Health ministry officials on Thursday reported 19,256 new cases and 466 deaths in the past 24 hours, including 954 in the nation’s capital. The bed occupancy rate in intensive care units (ICU) fell to 64.3% nationally and to 62.2% in the Buenos Aires metropolitan area (AMBA).

Speaking at a press conference at Parque Patricios, the city’s mayor, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, said the recent decline in cases had continued, with the seven-day average of cases dropping from 2,500 to 1 He said that the intensive care units were at an occupancy rate of 43% in the capital.

He also reminded the porteños that vaccination was now open to all citizens over 30 for a first dose.

The new measures entered into force on Friday July 9, although some transport-related will be gradually rolled out.


– From July 9, social gatherings in public outdoor spaces will be allowed, up to a maximum of 20 people.

– Meetings of up to 10 people are also authorized in the outdoor spaces of houses and apartments, as well as in the common areas of buildings and buildings.

– Professional activities in person may return, with offices at 30% of their maximum occupancy.

– The use of common areas in hotels will be authorized, once again capped at 30% of its capacity.

– From August, outdoor cultural events are authorized, up to a limit of 1,000 people.


– 15 Subte metro stations to reopen: 10 on Monday 12 July (Línea A – Plaza de Mayo, Acoyte; Línea B – Callao, Dorrego, Carlos Gardel; Línea C – Lavalle; Línea D – Callao, Palermo; Línea E – Boedo , Medalla Milagrosa) and the other five on Thursday July 15 (Línea A – Carabobo, Loria; Línea C – San Martín; Línea E – José María Moreno; Línea H – Venezuela)


– In the second semester, the Segundo Boletín program will be implemented, said the mayor, who described it as a “personalized plan tailored to the needs of each high school student”. Rodríguez Larreta said he would “set specific learning goals and plans involving children, teachers and families”, providing extra support and help outside of school hours.


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