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Climate change, shifting market demand and labor issues have changed strawberry cultivation research globally. In this new scenario, Nova Siri Genetics (NSG) is committed to finding solutions that can bring benefits to the whole chain and in particular to the Mediterranean areas (southern Italy, Spanish region of Huelva, Greece, Morocco, Tunisia and other new producing countries in the Mediterranean).

FreshPlaza spoke to Nicola Tufaro (breeder) and Carmela Suriano (EMEA Director) at Nova Genetics to understand what the forecast is for next season and to analyze the current situation of plant propagation in foreign nurseries.

Multiplication of the NSG variety in a Polish nursery

FreshPlaza (FP): Have you seen an increase in orders for the 2022/23 campaign? How is multiplication going in Spanish and Polish nurseries?
Nicola Tufaro (TN): The characteristics that have determined the popularity of our varieties in many Mediterranean countries are: hardiness, earliness, staggered production and fruit quality. Based on demand, next season’s expected seedling production for the NSG variety is 20% higher than last year, especially for the NSG 203 – Marimbella® / NSG 207 – Gioelita® / NSG cultivars 465. The Spanish and Polish nurseries are developing steadily, with normal growth levels for the period despite the weather. The harvest of the seedlings should begin at the end of September and last until October 20.

Nicholas Tufaro

FP: What are the most popular cultivars?
NT: Our varieties have generally been satisfactory even in a year like this, so the trend for the new season is positive and promising.

NSG varieties continue to attract interest from many growers in southern Italy, Huelva (Spain), Maghreb countries and overseas such as Mexico and Australia. In particular, we are registering some interest in the NSG 203 – Marimbella® variety, which in the last campaign has achieved considerable results both in Campania (Italy), where harvests have tripled compared to the campaign previous (from 90 to 270) , and in Huelva, so much so that it has been included among the most successful cultivars of the future according to the first highlights of a study carried out by IFAPA (Andalusian Institute for Research and training on agriculture, fishing, food and organic production). The success of this variety is due to a combination of characteristics: earliness, productivity and appearance of the fruit. This is why it has also been chosen by national and Spanish cooperatives who want to make high quality fruit available from December.

There was also a lot of interest and enthusiasm from growers and buyers for NSG 465, a premium variety that will be marketed under the Rossetta® brand (along with NSG 120).

New selection of strawberries: NSG 465

FP: How did the NSG cultivars perform during the 2021/22 season?
Carmela Suriano (CS): The strawberry campaign that has just ended was characterized by abnormal weather conditions that caused many production problems with negative repercussions for companies. Nova Siri Genetics varieties stood out for their ability to withstand temperature changes and continued to produce even in adverse weather conditions such as few hours of light and very low temperatures at night. The continuity of production in such a climate is indeed a great advantage for the market, as it makes it possible to avoid supply disruptions.

Carmela Suriano

FP: What are the future projects and trade agreements with other continents?
CS: We are working to develop partnerships with nurseries and large producers in countries where our varieties could do well, ie Mexico, Australia, South Africa and Argentina.

Additionally, we are moving forward with our NSG Network project, which aims to let our stakeholders know who our partners are. We are talking about unique and associated nurseries and growers with whom we work to innovate and improve the entire strawberry supply chain. A section dedicated to this project is already on our website (

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