Nicolas Cabre pretends not to be able to run the Buenos Aires marathon

The actor is an avid runner and was training for Sunday’s competition, but ultimately couldn’t make it.


seems passionate Nicolas Cabre feel to run. In fact, the actor opened his Instagram account just three weeks ago and from the first moment he decided to show his followers his exercise routine. ,It’s a small idea not only to show the work. It’s sharing workouts, running, and things that those of us who run do. things that make us happy“, he wrote in a post. And then he announced his next goal: to run the Buenos Aires half-marathon, which took place this Sunday morning.

The truth is that a few hours before the competition, unable to hide his discomfort, Cabaret decided to go down and explained the reasons. “Today I’m going to tell you that after several attempts, I decided that the best thing to do was not to run the Buenos Aires Half Marathon. The knee wasn’t helping and he’s asking for a rest. The urge to run, the adrenaline or something I like will surely drive me to the end. But it’s most likely going to make me feel worse and hurt me more“, he began by saying in a publication to which he added a sad image of him walking backwards.

And then he continued, “It’s the truth. Sometimes the best thing is knowing how to pass… (no matter how angry he is), and I don’t think I’m saying something they don’t know. But sometimes we don’t see or don’t want to see the most famous and simple things. And they have to tell us a thousand times. So I want to thank the people who are with me, who teach me, who show me their love by sponsoring me… by asking me to spend this time. Thank you for teaching me and taking care of me. I see it as a hug and with that I want to hug you. Thanks!. And good luck to everyone tomorrow! There’s definitely a little drama in the photo, isn’t there? Laugh out loud”.

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