Maradona fan pays homage to player with children “Mara”, “Dona” and “Diego”

Diego Maradona fans paid tribute to the soccer superstar on Thursday on the first anniversary of his death, but a mega-fan went one step further, ensuring his son was born on the same day and continuing his tradition to name his children after the player.

Little “Diego” was born by Caesarean on Thursday and joins twin sisters “Mara” and “Dona”.

His father Walter Rotundo told AFP news agency earlier this week that he had never met his idol but sent him a photo of his twins from a previous union 10 years ago, explaining that their first names were a tribute.

The “golden feet” had responded by sending back a photo of him, holding this photo of Mara and Dona – an image Walter had tattooed on his back.

Since then Walter, a 39-year-old Argentinian, had dreamed of adding a Diego to his family, and when his partner Victoria – also a Maradona fan, though less enthusiastic – got pregnant, they realized the term might drop to the birthday. of the idol’s death, and agreed that it would be that day, by Caesarean section.

Baby ‘Diego Amado’ was born Thursday afternoon in Buenos Aires, weighing a healthy 4.05 kilograms.

“It’s a day when a lot of people are sad for Maradona, I’m sad too, but it changes things a lot,” he explained. “For me, November 25 will always be the anniversary of Diego (Maradona) death, but it will also be my son’s birthday.”

Fans also gathered outside his grave to pay their respects or made the pilgrimage to Fiorito, the suburb where he grew up. Numerous wall paintings of the football legend have also appeared in the Argentinian capital.

Rallies were also held in Naples, the Italian city that adopted it, while many more took to social media to lament #AYearWithoutDiego and declare it #MaradonaEternal.

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