Jamie Carragher tagged a ‘piece of wood’ by ex-Argentina star Gorosito after claiming Lionel Messi called him an ASS

An Argentine football manager has slammed Jamie Carragher after the Liverpool legend revealed Lionel Messi called him an ass in an Instagram post.

The Sky Sports pundit went public with the Nestor Gorosito message on Friday Night Football after Watford lost to Norwich.


Nestor Gorosito hits back at Jamie Carragher after claiming Lionel Messi calls him ‘an ass’Credit: Sky Sports

And Carragher revealed he wouldn’t show details but insisted the 34-year-old former Barcelona striker insulted Gorosito after he questioned his move to Paris Saint-Germain.

The retired Liverpool hero continued to profess his love and admiration for the ‘greatest player of all time’.

But overnight Gorosito, whose former clubs included River Plate and San Lorenzo, tried to inflame the feud by branding Carragher ‘trash’.

He dragged the 43-year-old former Anfield defender into an explosive Twitter postwriting: “This piece of wood speaks badly of Messi, what madness!!”

The 57-year-old former Argentina midfielder currently leads Gimnasia La Plata where Diego Maradona was in charge until his death from heart failure in November 2020.


He used the expression: “pedazo de trunco” to describe Carragher.

And the Spanish phrase, which literally translates to “hunk of wood,” is tantamount to calling someone talentless.

The former Argentina international Tweeter to his 69,400 followers went viral.

This is despite the fact that he seems to forget Carragher’s honors with Liverpool, which include two FA Cups and a Champions League during a 17-year professional career.

Gorosito hit out at critics who questioned Messi's commitment to Argentina


Gorosito hit out at critics who questioned Messi’s commitment to Argentina1 credit

Gorosito, better known as Pipo Gorosito, has been one of Messi’s strongest allies off the football pitch following earlier attacks from his fellow countrymen who questioned his loyalty to Argentina.

The striker continued to silence them as he helped his country to a historic Copa America win over Brazil last July.

Gorosito has accused Barcelona president Joan Laporta of ‘kicking God out of his home’ at the end of last season after the Argentine announced he was leaving his boyhood club.

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