Irish Holidays: We’ve found cheap flights to Spain, France and Italy this summer for almost €50 return

Thousands of Irish will look to head to sunnier climes over the summer months as consumer confidence soars after Covid.

For the past two years, many have been confined to their homes as measures to curb the spread of the virus have brought the annual family getaway to a halt.

Now that the EU has agreed on a set of travel rules, making getaways much easier for those who have had their shots, many passengers are already planning their next trips.

So whether you’re going in May, June, July or August this summer, if you can agree on a week that suits you this far in advance, you’ll be in for a great deal with Irish airlines.

We’ve researched all the cheapest flights to Spain, Italy and France this summer before prices started to fluctuate, so here’s everything you need to know:

All flights are based on travel from the 11th to the 18th of each month.


A family wearing face masks seen sunbathing on La Malagueta beach amid the coronavirus crisis. The outbreak of the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Spain after the easing of restrictions has led the regional government to impose the mandatory use of face masks in outdoor venues, even when observing a safe distance between people. This measure attempts to curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. (Photo by Jesus Merida/SOPA Images/Sipa USA)

Many popular Spanish holiday destinations are located a short drive from Malaga city, so booking flights well in advance of your holiday could save you a fortune.

As of mid-May, the cheapest return flights currently available are with Ryanair for just €73 if you’re prepared to arrive by 11.45pm and return home by 10.15am.

For the most popular early flight and late return, the cost with Ryanair remains the cheapest at €117.

June is a much more popular month for couples wanting to fly away for a well-deserved vacation, so flights are a bit more expensive.

For the middle of the month, you can book a return with Ryanair for €154, while the cheapest option with Aer Lingus is €221 for the same period.

July is the month when most families leave after schools close, so again the cost of flights is rising.

The cheapest option with Ryanair will cost you around €177, and with Aer Lingus you will pay up to €323.

As the high season ends in August, you can usually expect to find great deals on round trips to European destinations.

The cheapest option right now for those heading to Malaga is €96 with Ryanair, and with Aer Lingus return it will be around €218.


A Ryanair plane at Alicante airport in Spain.  (stock image)
A Ryanair plane at Alicante airport in Spain. (stock image)

As for those heading to the French shores this summer, the same cost fluctuations apply to popular destinations.

For example, in May you can fly to Bordeaux mid-month with Ryanair and back for just €41, and with Aer Lingus for €104.

In June, your round trip with Ryanair will cost you around €100 and with Aer Lingus €173.

July will cost you a bit more with current mid-month flights priced at €123 for Ryanair and €206 for Aer Lingus.

August once again proves to be the cheapest month for those heading out into the sun, with a seven-day round trip with Ryanair mid-month costing €57 and €121 with KLM.


For those who dream of going on vacation to a city like Rome, May seems to be the most economical month.

In May, if you were to fly to Ciampino (the cheaper option as opposed to Fiumicino), Ryanair flights are currently available, May 11 and May 18 for just €61 with Ryanair.

In June it will be €95 with Ryanair, while July for the same period is currently around €158.

August is €89 at this point with Ryanair, however prices are likely to fluctuate as the summer months approach.

Passengers bound for any of the above countries are reminded that they should check all required documents and necessary entry tests upon arrival.

Your vaccination certificate should not be older than 270 days from your last dose – unless you have received a booster and in this case have no expiry date.

Those traveling with a recovery certificate have 180 days before the vaccination is vital for travel.

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