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The sages say that it is better to pay homage in life so that people can receive the recognition they deserve on time. Thus, this Friday, the board of directors of the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation (RFET) unanimously approved the creation of “National Tennis Day” on June 3, the date on which Rafael Nadal’s birthday.

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“These are all the clubs (more than 1,500 in Spain), the Territorial Federations and fans from all over Spain celebrate Tennis with different activities: social tournaments (mixed, male, female, children, veterans, etc. .), Teacher classes, chair tennis, beach tennis, exhibitions, etc. ”, explained the federation in a statement.

Although the idea was proposed a few years ago, it has recovered after a few social media posts from Jorge Mir mayor, director of the tennis schools of Real Club Jolaseta, and after being mentioned in several shows at Roland Garros in the Iberian country. He proposed to create “National Tennis Day” on the same day as Rafa’s birthday, as he considers him the most important Spanish tennis player of all time.

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“For years I have been pursuing an idea and that is that Spanish tennis needs one day a year to celebrate the” TENNIS FESTIVAL IN SPAIN “On June 3, 1986, the greatest tennis player than Spain ever had was born and the world and what better day for all of us who love this sport to celebrate it. ”, Explained Mir.

Lucky for you it turns out Miguel Diaz Romain, president of RFET, watched the broadcast and thought “a wonderful idea”. “Spanish tennis has a lot to celebrate. We have the most outstanding Spanish athlete of all time, we are currently Davis Cup champions and we are in the Billie Jean King Cup final, ”he recalled. Alsoassured that the first “National Tennis Day” will be celebrated in 2022.

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For his part, Rafael Nadal decided to leave Wimbledon and the Tokyo Olympics in the last hours because he needed to rest and recover after having “listened” to his body.



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