IN CASE YOU MISSED IT – This week’s Reuters feature calendar

July 7 – Each week, Reuters journalists produce dozens of multimedia reports and human interest stories from around the world.

Below are some stories from this week selected by our editors, along with explanatory context and background to help you understand the world’s headlines. For a full news and events schedule, please see our editorial calendar on Reuters Connect

Resumption of Hajj pilgrimage brings joy and sadness to Indonesians

JAKARTA – For Indonesian teachers Sutrisno and Sri Wahyuningsih, embarking on the unique hajj pilgrimage stirs bittersweet emotions. (SAUDI-HAJ/INDONESIA (PIX, TV), 540 words)

After 40 years of extinction, rhinos return to Mozambique

More than four decades after their local extinction, rhinos are once again roaming the wilds of Mozambique, which is bringing endangered species from South Africa in a bid to breathe new life into its parks and boost local tourism. (MOZAMBIQUE-RHINO/ (TV), 291 words)

A high school on fire: violent demonstrations by children shake Chile

SANTIAGO — As schoolchildren in Chile begin their winter vacation, they leave behind a semester marked by violence. Several high schools around Santiago were taken over by students; one was set on fire while hooded youths clashed with police and torched city buses. (CHILE-EDUCATION/VIOLENCE (PIX, TV), 490 words)

An old Spanish village loses its school and fears for its future as the population dwindles

PITARQUE, Spain – The small village of Pitarque at the foot of a mountain in Aragon, eastern Spain, has survived for more than 1,300 years, but if depopulation continues at the current rate, it will be deserted from by 2046, warn its inhabitants. (SPAIN-DOPOPULATION/SCHOOL (PIX), 460 words)

Indonesian school helps students recite the Quran in sign language

YOGYAKARTA, Indonesia — Concerned that hearing-impaired Indonesian students are often deprived of religious education, cleric Abdul Kahfi founded an Islamic boarding school to help them study and recite scriptures from the Quran using sign language. (INDONESIA-KORAN/ (TV, PIX), 280 words)

Spain’s Pamplona Bullfighting Festival Comes Back After COVID Ban

PAMPLONA, Spain, July 6 (Reuters) – Thousands of revelers wearing white clothes and red scarves filled the streets of Pamplona in Spain on Wednesday as the bang of a firecracker kicked off the first bullfighting festival of San Fermin since the COVID-19 pandemic. (SPAIN-CULTURE/BULLS (PIX, TV), 341 words)

A New York artist turns his Brooklyn home into a showcase for urban dioramas

A self-taught New York artist has taken advantage of the pandemic to create a wide array of dioramas that depict urban scenes from Brooklyn in addition to a host of other more rural settings. HEALTH-(CORONAVIRUS/NEW YORK-DIORAMA HOUSE (PIX, TV), 383 words)

In suburban Chicago, ‘guardian angels’ sheltered strangers under attack HIGHLAND PARK, Ill. – As Karen Britten relaxed and enjoyed the annual Independence Day Parade in the upscale Chicago suburb where she has lived for nearly 40, about 10 shots suddenly rang out, shattering the festive atmosphere and sending a crowd of hundreds running for their lives. (USA-JULYFOURTH/SHOOTING-NEIGHBORS (PIX), 672 words)

Viktor & Rolf revisit the costume during a playful haute couture show in Paris

PARIS (Reuters) – Viktor & Rolf focused on suits for the brand’s haute couture show in Paris on Wednesday, showing a collection of outrageous proportions before remodeling them into feminine silhouettes. (FASHION-PARIS/HAUTE COUTURE-VIKTOR & ROLF (PIX), 234 words)

Ukrainian children play football again in bombed-out stadium

IRPIN, Ukraine – Ukrainian children have started playing football again in a bombed-out stadium outside Kyiv, a much-needed distraction after more than four months of war. (UKRAINE-CRISIS/IRPIN-SOCCER (PIX, TV), 248 words)


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(Compiled by Aurora Ellis and Patrick Enright)

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