Hours of Buenos Aires | Judge faces disciplinary action after allegedly kissing inmate serving life sentence

Judicial authorities in Chubut province have opened disciplinary proceedings against a judge to investigate alleged “improper conduct” after the magistrate was caught on camera kissing a very dangerous prisoner his court had previously sentenced to death. lifetime sentence.

The Provincial Superior Court of Justice confirmed on Tuesday that administrative proceedings had been opened against Judge Comodoro Rivadavia, Mariel Suárez, after video footage was released online showing her with inmate Cristian ‘Mai’ Bustos together at the Trelew Prison Institute (IPP).

In the video, she can be seen kissing the prisoner, who was sentenced to life imprisonment on December 22 for the 2008 murder of policeman Leandro ‘Tito’ Roberts in Corcovado.

The incident took place on December 29, just a week after Bustos was sentenced to life imprisonment. According to local media reports, he admitted during the trial that he pulled the trigger for the shot that killed Roberts.

Suárez was one of the three magistrates to head the tribunal, although she notably chose to oppose the sentence, asking for a lower sentence to be applied instead. Judges María Laura Martini and Ximena Miranda Nastovich have supported a life sentence behind bars.

“Following a formal communication addressed to the ministers in office, a meeting requested by a criminal judge of the district of Comodoro Rivadavia and a detainee housed in the said penitentiary center, considered highly dangerous and recently sentenced in the context of a hearing oral and public trial held in the city of Esquel, has been revealed, “the Chubut Superior Court of Justice said in a statement.

“According to the information communicated by the IPP, it appears that the judge behaved inappropriately towards a magistrate. The procedure aims to elucidate the circumstances of the meeting between a judge and a convicted person, the content of the meeting, its duration. and its characteristics, which could imply violations of the law on public ethics and / or of the general internal regulations of the judiciary ”, he concluded.

Judge’s explanation

Jornada diary from Chubut reported that the judge was reported by the officer on duty, who told his superiors that he saw the duo kissing in a prison classroom, after the two shared a companion.

Speaking to TN news channel, Suárez said she had “no sentimental relationship” with the inmate and had gone to see him because she was “making a book about his story.”

“I have no sentimental relationship with this person, I have no personal connection. I am making a book with this person because of his story and it is the first that I will write”, declared the magistrate. “I will make a statement and show the documents so they can see that the statement is real.”

Declaring that she had “fulfilled my role as a judge”, she explained that their meeting was fortuitous.

“It was the first time I saw him and we talked about it [the sentencing]. I ran into him, told him I was going to set up an interview with him and told him I was going to write a book. He told me personal things and showed me his tattoos, ”she said.

“I want to do investigative journalism. He was very happy with the project because after many years he could tell what had happened, ”she said, referring to the trial, which took place more than 12 years after the crime.

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