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French and Spanish families buy penthouses in London for £ 15million to secure places in top public schools

It doesn’t matter if the property isn’t perfect either, as long as it allows you to walk through the front door of the school. Real estate consultant Alexander Millett mentions a cottage across from Fox Primary that saw swarms of parents with young children when it went up for sale late last year – and sold in a grim foreclosure in February 2021 for 2 , £ 4million. “It was small, but people were willing to make it work because of the possibility of getting a place for their child in school,” he says.

And on Kensington Church Street, just behind The Ivy, St Mary Abbots’ “small, extremely popular, hopelessly oversubscribed and incredibly well located” state primary is a hotbed for competitive homebuyers. In this case, however, living next door or registering a newborn makes no difference.

“You should show up at the nearby church every Sunday and ideally donate large sums of money along with all of your spare time,” comments a practitioner who occasionally shared a bench with David Cameron. “He got a place for his daughter Nancy, even though they didn’t live in the parish. He did well introducing himself and reading to young children in the hall next door during services, ”she said. “It was a source of considerable anguish on Mumsnet.”

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