Elevate K-12 Announces Program to Help Students Prepare for Careers with Vocational and Technical Education Courses in School Districts Across the United States

The live-streaming technology company helps students who don’t have access to a variety of courses succeed by offering an expanded curriculum.

CHICAGO, March 2, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Elevate K-12, the educational services company that provides high-quality, live instruction in K-12 classrooms, enables school districts across the country to deliver that they have never been able to provide before.

Launched in 2015 as a solution to the lack of high-quality, certified educators plaguing schools across the country, the live-teaching brand recognizes the need for early exposure to an expanded curriculum beyond core classrooms. which allows students to develop areas of interest.

“‘Elective’ isn’t really the right word anymore,” Elevate K-12 CEO says Shaily Baranwal. “The world is moving towards acquiring skills rather than degrees. These courses go beyond basic courses by giving students exposure to the jobs of the future.”

From cybersecurity to IT, music to art, French to Spanish and German to American Sign Language, Elevate K-12 lives up to its name by improving the lives of students on markets without access to quality teachers for every subject and by enriching their minds with a solid curriculum that, in most cases, would not be accessible to them otherwise.

“Research shows that a child can learn up to six languages ​​if exposed to them at an early age,” Baranwal said. “It’s a small window of time that many schools can’t take advantage of.”

This was the case in Marlboro County school district of Caroline from the south, where it has been difficult to recruit teachers for core subjects. “We are struggling in our neighborhood,” said Barbara McCalldirector of human resources at Marlboro County School district. “We have a high turnover rate in terms of teaching staff, and we are not able to be competitive with our salary. Add to that the fact that we are in a very rural area and it is extremely difficult for us to recruit teachers for basic subjects, let alone language lessons.”

But this year, thanks to a new partnership with Elevate K-12, middle and high school students in Marlboro The school district can teach Spanish and American Sign Language.

“I was very impressed with the program,” McCall said. “Teachers are teaching in real time so they can interact with the kids. It’s really changed what we’re able to offer our students.”

Elevate’s network of talented teachers has made a big difference in Marlboro County The school district and plans for Elevate’s programming only continue to expand with more life skills and STEM classes in the works. With its robust course offerings, Elevate hopes to bridge the learning gap and create a culture of achievement for students in underfunded districts.

“Children need to be exposed to electives from an early age so they can choose the path they want to take,” Baranwal said. “The job of the education system is to align a student’s skills with their passion. We know that if people follow their passion, they will succeed. We have already seen a massive improvement in our students’ educational outcomes.”

About Elevation K-12
Elevate K-12 is a ChicagoNew York-based educational services company that brings high-quality live streaming instruction to K-12 classrooms. Schools and districts partner with Elevate K-12’s unique instructional solution to address issues of teacher shortages, overuse of long-term replacements, or poor quality teachers. Its technology service includes proprietary live instruction management technology, live instruction service, curriculum and classroom management to provide the tools for collaborative teaching and learning that mimics the experience of a real physical classroom. Elevate K-12 currently operates in 15 states and is rapidly expanding to new states across the United States in K-12 schools. For more information, visit http://www.elevatek12.com and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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