David Buenos Aires appeals for criminal assistance to help HSBC fight identity fraud

HSBC, the bank described as “too big to jail” over money laundering allegations in Mexico, is also not avoiding potential controversy in its marketing and is coming back with a David Buenos Aires cracker. “Dear Customer” discusses the dangers of identity theft, a significant and increasingly costly problem for banks as well as customers. In the rather unlikely setting of a bank robbery.

The modus operandi of a virtual scam is recreated with bank robber cybercriminals demanding personal data and passwords. And the confused customers accompany him.

Produced by Argentina Cine, directed by Augusto Gimenez Zapiola and Alejandro Rey.

Julia Lois, HSBC Marketing Manager at HSBC, added: “We believe we should all be making a contribution to the community in terms of raising awareness and at HSBC we strongly believe that this contribution will empower many more customers in the financial system to have more tools to avoid being victims of cybercrime.

“Across all of our platforms and service centers, we have information and procedures to guide customers through risky situations, and our latest campaign aims to highlight the importance of proceeding appropriately in the face of these threats.”

To the point, compelling and, rather surprisingly, funny too.

A British or American bank marketer would be a mile away from such treatment.

MAA creative scale: 9.

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