Cummins and University of Vincennes Celebrate Graduates of Revolutionary Technician Apprentice Program

Through a powerful collaboration, Columbus, Indiana-based Cummins and the University of Vincennes are leading the way in building an essential 21st century model for workforce development.

The graduates of VU’s Cummins Technician Apprentice Program (TAP) were recently honored with a special launch honoring the 2021 class.

According to Cummins Sales & Service North America’s President of Service Operations, Zach Gillen, “The University of Vincennes and Cummins both have a long history of pioneering, and the partnership we have with apprentice technicians has set a new standard. of excellence with almost 100% retention over the four-year program. We thank Vincennes management for believing in Cummins, and we are excited to work together to grow the program in 2022 and beyond. “

In 2017, Cummins and VU joined forces to launch TAP, an important business strategy for securing a highly skilled workforce for the future.

“The Cummins and University of Vincennes partnership will benefit students with the technical skills and an associate’s degree in diesel or power generation needed to succeed in an increasingly complex workplace and provide Cummins with a source qualified and competent technicians. A strong workforce benefits the industry and strengthens our communities, ”said David Taylor, Technician Pathways Manager, Cummins North America.

As VU students, Cummins apprentices across the country build a solid foundation in the latest diesel technology while earning an associate’s degree.

According to VU President Dr. Chuck Johnson, “The University of Vincennes is proud to work with Cummins, a large Indiana company, to bridge the skills gap. Through this partnership, Cummins employees earn a college degree which, along with the excellent apprenticeship work experience, leads to well-paying jobs and huge career opportunities. The Technician Apprentice Program (TAP) is a vital and unique program that benefits not only Cummins, but the State of Indiana and the communities and economies of the United States.

TAP apprentices shared their personal experiences and inspiring stories during a graduation ceremony at the VU Diesel Technology Center.

Austin Williams, a newly graduated apprentice from Evansville, Indiana, describes the program as a “crazy opportunity.” He praises TAP for many reasons, including his ability to provide for his family in a way he never imagined he could.

“It took me a lot further than I ever imagined,” he said. “I was able to go to school and pursue a full-time career. I got my diploma. I always wanted to go to college, but I was always unsure because the high cost of tuition always turned me off.

Apprentices in the US Department of Labor registered program are full-time employees of Cummins. The company pays all program expenses and provides a full set of diesel technician tools. The program includes hours of diesel and heavy equipment training in addition to face-to-face and online classes.

David Haslup of Baltimore, Md., Who admits he didn’t have much direction in his previous work, won one of two promotion major awards presented at the launch program. He says the program is definitely life changing. He is incredibly proud of everything he has accomplished. He appreciates the opportunities the program has given him.

“I didn’t think programs like this existed,” Haslup said. “The program is impeccable. The education you receive is equally impeccable. Our instructors, Mr. (Larry) Stremming and Mr. (Larry) Bland, are excellent teachers. I cannot stress this enough. The University of Vincennes is a very beautiful university. They have great service.

The desire to earn a college degree is a relatively new dream for apprentice Russell Brungard of Williamsport, PA. He could barely contain his excitement as he reflected on the TAP program and his college experience at VU.

“A few years ago, I had no desire to continue my education,” said Brungard. “All I wanted was to go to work. Now having the opportunity to go through the program and get a degree is something that cannot be taken away from me. A diploma is forever. I will also have a much better source of income and have the opportunity to provide a better life for myself and my family. Without this program, I wouldn’t be in the right position that I am.

Apprenticeship programs have rightly become more popular, according to a recent Forbes article, as apprentices earn a salary while learning a trade.

According to the US Department of Labor, workers who graduate from an apprenticeship program earn on average $ 300,000 more over their lifetime than their peers who do not. It also reports that 92 percent of apprentices who complete a program keep their jobs.

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