Clutch named Agency Coda as one of the top B2B software development companies in Latin America for the second year in a row.

Agency Coda has been named one of LATAM’s Best B2B Software Development Companies for the past two years and is currently listed in the Top 10 Nearshore Development Companies in Argentina, out of more than 1300+ who are classified in Clutch.

As a digital agency dedicated to technical progress and innovation, Coda’s mission is to empower businesses by creating specialized digital solutions that help them gain competitive advantage.

“If there is anything that defines and accurately describes us as business partners, it is the ability to adapt to change. Being open and flexible towards creativity.”Francisco Michelich, CEO of the Coda agency.

clutch, one Washington DCcompany based in Argentina 2021 ”(formerly the“ Best B2B Custom Software Development Company in LATAM ”award, which was recently renamed by country).

With a score of 4.7 out of 5, they are now recognized as one of the top software vendors in Latin America, and among the top 10 software organizations in Argentina (based on the number of reviews and ratings) on over 1,300 organizations. “All aspects of the collaboration with the Coda agency were excellent!”, commented Bruce fox, Inc’s VP Sales & Marketing for his satisfaction with the results of his project.

Agency Coda also received other awards, placing them among the top developers in the field of rapid innovation. The hundreds of successful custom software projects and over 12 years of their team’s competence in delivering high quality digital products and being specialists in innovation and digital transformation, are reflected in the highlights of their successful results and evaluations.

SOURCE Coda Agency

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