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The Lee County School District held its groundbreaking ceremony for Amanecer Elementary School on Wednesday, April 20.

Members of the school district and leaders from local agencies and organizations came out to participate in the ceremony and welcome Lee County’s first Hispanic school – Amanecer, meaning “Sunrise” in Spanish. The new school is also located on Sunrise Boulevard, a street named after him.

Lee County School Board Chair Debbie Jordan took the podium to recognize the elected officials and ADG Architecture, who provided the design work for the state-of-the-art school, and briefly explained the significance of its name.

“Amanecer, which means sunrise in Spanish, was a name chosen by our committee and was selected because it represents the multicultural diversity of the area and our Spanish-speaking families who call Lehigh home,” said Jordan.

Gwynetta Gittens, representing Lee County School Board District 5, then took to the podium to give the audience a glimpse of her dream for the new elementary school.

“Can you see it, can you hear it, can you feel it. Come with me on my vision. The yellow buses drive through the gates. And we have a lot of drivers. Again, this is my view. Cars line up, driven by anxious parents, scared kindergarteners, and confident fifth-graders, as they’ll be in charge as the upper class. Enthusiastic teachers and administrators will be there to greet students and confirm parents not to worry…they made the right choice to be part of the Amanecer family,” Gittens started.

District staff and its current superintendent, Dr. Ken Savage, spoke about the district’s expansion efforts and the growth seen in the past 2 years in the eastern area of ​​Lee County.

“It’s great to innovate at another school here in the East Zone. This school will be a huge benefit to our students and their families at Lehigh Acres. This is the 18th elementary school in the East Zone, giving the zone at least three more elementary schools than either of our other two zones. Lehigh is where our student population is growing rapidly,” Savage explained.

Owen-Ames-Kimball Company will manage construction, which began in March this year. The school is expected to be completed in August 2023 and upon completion it will open 972 student positions.

The construction project also includes a 200-student station addition to Lehigh Acres Middle School. Amanecer Elementary renderings and addition to Lehigh Acres Middle are available.

Amanecer Elementary School is located at 641 Sunrise Blvd. in Lehigh Acres, next to the new Lehigh Acres Middle School.

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