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Spanish argentina

Christopher Columbus statue in Mexico won’t be back anytime soon

MEXICO CITY (AP) – A statue of Christopher Columbus that has been removed from Mexico City’s central boulevard won’t be back for months.

Restorers say years of protest and weather graffiti wreaked havoc on the 1877 statuary and that it won’t be ready to be relocated until the first half of 2022, and when it does come back up, it will be in a less prominent and less sensitive place.

It was supposedly removed last year for restoration, shortly before October 12, which Americans know as Columbus Day but Mexicans call “Dia de la Raza” or “Day of the Race” – the anniversary of Columbus’ arrival in the Americas in 1492. Protesters frequently targeted the statue of Christopher Columbus for graffiti.

City officials announced this week that Columbus and the four missionaries surrounding him will be relocated to a park in an upscale neighborhood in Mexico City. The main site on the city’s iconic Reforma Boulevard will be assigned a statue of an indigenous woman, but a replacement has yet to be chosen.

The decision to replace him made Mexico cringe, just as the presence of the Italian explorer had angered supporters of indigenous rights. They say that Columbus did not “discover” the Americas – indigenous peoples had lived there for a long time – and that he only ushered in a colonial era of theft, displacement and death.

Diego Jáuregui is the restorer at the head of a team from the National Institute of Anthropology and History tasked with restoring the standing figure of Columbus and the seated figure of the monks around him.

Jáuregui tries not to get into the politics of all of this.

“The only thing I can say is that we have no control over the meaning people give to historical monuments or cultural heritage,” Jáuregui said.

“Culture and society are changing and we cannot prevent things from happening,” he said, apparently referring to the red paint that protesters sprayed on Columbus, in protest at the treatment of peoples indigenous.

“What we can do, however, is fulfill our duty to protect, safeguard and pass on to future (generations) these historic monuments, beyond any significance or controversy,” he said.

Mexico City Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum said the place on a roundabout on Reforma Boulevard should be given to an indigenous woman because “we owe them (…) the history of our country, of our homeland. “.

Sheinbaum said that the function of statues is to communicate history, and the fact that Columbus appeared in a heroic pose in such an important place had the effect of silencing the other part of the story. Replacing him on the spot “is an act against historical silence,” she said.

Sheinbaum appeared pleased with a city committee’s decision to place the explorer in a quiet park in the upscale Polanco neighborhood, where protests rarely take place. She called him a “great international figure”.

But opposition to what critics call “erasing history” has also arisen. A petition posted on the site calling for the return of Columbus to its original location has collected more than 31,000 signatures.

“We Mexicans, and in particular the inhabitants of the capital, feel indignant and offended by the removal of our historical heritage,” the petition says.

“We believe this is a populist decision by the mayor who only represents a minority of the population who agree with his revisionist version of history, regardless of the fact that the statue does has nothing to do with ideology “, we can read.

But supporters of the decision say the time is right: this year marks the 700th anniversary of the founding of the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan – what is now Mexico City – as well as the 500th anniversary of its fall to the conquistadors. Spanish, and the 200th anniversary of Mexico’s definitive independence from Spain.

Most Mexicans have indigenous ancestors and are well aware that millions of indigenous people died of violence and disease during and after the conquest.

The city authorities had initially proposed that a modernist head of an indigenous woman, a sculpture known as “Tlali”, go to the site. But now they say a decision has yet to be made.

Mexico City is not the only metropolis that has had problems. Statues of Christopher Columbus have been attacked and even knocked down in Chile, Colombia and the United States. In 2013, the city government of Buenos Aires, Argentina, decided to replace a statue of Christopher Columbus near the seat of government with that of independence hero and part indigenous Juana Azurduy.

Jáuregui is working on the restoration of the bronze statue of Columbus in a protected area covered with tents. The layers of paint and graffiti reflect every October 12 she’s been through.

“As it’s become a recurring phenomenon, you just see it as part of your job, as something inevitable that happens,” he says of the damage.

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Lionel Messi ‘wanted’ by Inter Miami after David Beckham talks to PSG star

Paris Saint-Germain forward Lionel Messi spoke to David Beckham this summer to discuss a move to Inter Miami – and Gonzalo Higuain has confirmed he is a target for the MLS club

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David Beckham trains with Inter Miami academy stars

Inter Miami forward Gonzalo Higuain has confirmed Lionel Messi is a transfer target for the Major League Soccer club.

Messi, 34, joined Paris Saint-Germain this summer after leaving Barcelona and signed a two-year contract at Parc des Princes with the possibility of another season.

But the Argentine legend is already preparing his next move and Sport mirror understands he’s had talks with Inter Miami part-owner David Beckham about a move to Florida.

It looks like Messi’s potential transfer across the pond is a poorly kept secret, as Higuain has no doubts that Inter Miami want to sign the six-time Ballon d’Or winner in the future.

Gonzalo Higuain and Lionel Messi have been teammates with Argentina for a decade


Scott Halleran)

David Beckham spoke to the PSG star this summer


Getty Images)

“I don’t want to be in trouble, I don’t know about Leo in Miami,” Higuain said ESPN of the speculation surrounding his compatriot. “He signed for two years with PSG … The club wants him, we’ll see.”

Higuain and Messi faced off in El Clasico during his six-and-a-half-year stint at Real Madrid between 2007 and 2013.

But they also spent many years as teammates in the Argentina setup, finishing second in the 2014 World Cup as well as the 2015 and 2016 editions of the Copa America.

Higuain retired from international football on loan at Chelsea in March 2019 and joined Inter Miami from Juventus last September.

The 33-year-old has since watched Messi end Argentina’s 28-year scarcity of trophies by commanding his country to Copa America glory this summer.

When asked if he could be convinced to return to his post in Argentina, Higuain replied: “I don’t see the possibility of a comeback, there have been many years of wear and tear. My head was completely gone. seconded from the national team.

Would you like to see Lionel Messi play for Inter Miami in the future? Comments below.

“I am in another phase of my life, today my priority is family. I would not change the opportunity to see my daughter smile for the world.”

While it doesn’t look like Messi and Higuain will reunite for Argentina, there seems to be a growing possibility that they will join forces at Inter Miami.

Co-owner Jorge Mas shares Beckham’s optimism regarding the sensational signing, which he openly discussed during an interview with the Miami Herald in June.

Lionel Messi made his first start for PSG in 1-1 draw with Club Brugge on Wednesday

“I am optimistic that Messi will play in an Inter Miami shirt because I believe he will complement the legacy of the greatest player of our generation and fulfill the ambitions of Inter Miami owners to build a classy squad global, ”Mas said.

He added: “David and I have worked very hard, we aspire to bring the best players here and Messi is a generational player, arguably the best player of all time.”

In March, meanwhile, Spanish journalist Guillem Balague said Messi was “convinced” to switch to MLS with former Barcelona teammate Cesc Fabreas.

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These are Alisa Amador’s fight songs

She describes “Narratives” as a “six song survival kit”. Along with fellow students Jacob Thompson and Noah Harrington, the Cambridge-based singer-songwriter delivers powerful songs in English and Spanish.

Whether folk or funky, songs like “Burnt and Broken” or “Nada Que Ver” are about “overturning negative cultural narratives and saying: What if we love each other first? What if we created a world where rape culture and toxic masculinity didn’t exist? says Amador, 25. “What if we imagine a bilingual or multilingual life like natural American history? “

Alisa and her twin brother Zia were born in Boston to Rosi and Brian Amador, core members of Sol y Canto. “My parents raised me and my brother speaking Spanish at home. My mom’s mom is Puerto Rican, so we spent a lot of time in San Juan and New Mexico where my dad is from, ”she says.

Speaking from his home in Cambridge ahead of the Passim shows on September 22 and 23, Amador cited two landmark experiences: majoring in gender studies at Bates College and spending a semester abroad in Argentina, where is originally his grandfather.

Q. You are soon the headliner of Passim. You used to hang out backstage when you were little.

A. Almost all of my childhood memories are in green rooms. And I was still puzzled why they weren’t green [laughs]. I remember being in that green room in Passim and listening to my parents play. I got to hear amazing live music over 100 nights a year. There is simply no way that cannot impact you.

I started playing classical nylon string guitar at age 10, wanting to sound and play like my dad who was a classical guitarist – but I played “American Pie” and “Monster Mash” by Don McLean. [laughs]. It seems like a pretty fitting portrayal of me.

Q. You started writing songs in high school. What triggered this?

A. A friend got really sick with a mental illness, due to their confinement. It’s that feeling of helplessness, like there’s nothing you can do to help them heal. Writing songs has become the coping mechanism.

Something that changed me was a semester abroad in Argentina. In Buenos Aires, I played for the first time with a band. Before i saw [my songs] as a private coping mechanism – I didn’t imagine people would want to play with me. It changed my life.

[Also] I started to write in Spanish. Now when I sit down to write it’s either in English or Spanish and I don’t know until I start.

Q. Do you think in Spanish or English?

A. I never know. He rocks.

Q. Do you find it easier to write in Spanish or English?

A. In English, I have a larger vocabulary. In Spanish the lyrics are more poetic because I have fewer words to draw on – I read fewer books, listened to fewer people talking, so I don’t draw from tropes or phrases. It comes straight from the heart. In “Nada Que Ver”, the refrain is, “I want it to be a drop of honey / to last longer than a paper plane.” And I would never have found these words in English.

Q. “Stories” is like taking a stand for yourself. It must be hard being a woman in the music business.

A. It’s so difficult in so many ways that I’m still trying to figure it out. Before I [majored in gender studies], the behaviors I accepted are so different from the behaviors I accept now. When I walk out of a conversation and say, “I don’t feel like I’m being respected” – I now have a vocabulary for that. I’m still learning to listen to myself. I fight. Sometimes I don’t feel strong; sometimes I just feel tired. But being able to share this music gives me so much hope.

Q. How have you changed?

A. Before, I favored the happiness and comfort of others over my own comfort. I would like [sometimes] leave the conversations and interactions by saying, “Huh. I do not feel good. And I’m not sure why. Because I still saw this behavior as part of the contract to be a woman. Like, this guy just told me if he was 20 years younger that he would want to date me. Or, this man just told me that I have a good voice but I have to be careful because I can turn a lot of people on with my voice. I have heard all kinds of things. I used to think that was part of being a woman and now I’m like, no. It’s BS. It’s part of a toxic culture.

Q. Was it cathartic to write?

A. It was so cathartic. I would describe what fueled “Burnt and Broken” as liquid rage in my veins. It was healing to write this song and share it. The two strongest themes of this record are anger and hope.

Q. Was there a specific incident that triggered this song?

A. Yes, after another friend came to me with a story of sexual assault, where they blamed each other. I went home and wrote, “What a world we live in with its endless charms. The older I get, the uglier I am.

I know I can’t fix everything, but I think about how a life is a compilation of millions of moments that change you. And so I think this work is worth doing.

The interview has been edited and condensed.

Lauren Daley can be reached at [email protected]. Follow her on Twitter @ laurendaley1.

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Sep 12, 2021

  • Lithuania 2021 starts on Sunday

  • We deliver some statistics from the history of the FIFA Futsal World Cup

  • Some greats of the 11 have graced the competition

Russia have scored 50 goals in their four group stage matches in the 2008 finals, one more than their opponents Brazil. Russia 31-2 The Solomon Islands from this pool remain the biggest win and the strongest match in FIFA Futsal World Cup history.

Falcao scored a record 48 goals in the competition. The Brazilian legend has also made the most Futsal World Cup appearances (34).

Player Country Goals Games Report
Falcao Brazil 48 34 1.41
Manoel Tobias Brazil 43 32 1.34
Eremenko Russia 28 18 1.56
Schumacher Brazil 25 25 1.00
Ricardinho Portugal 20 14 1.43
Eder Lima Russia 19 12 1.58
Pula Russia 18 14 1.29
Said Rajabi RI Iran 17 8 2.13
Indian Brazil 15 16 0.94
Daniel Spain 14 15 0.93

At 46 years and two months, Czech goalkeeper Libor Gercak, linked with Lithuania, is the oldest player to appear at a FIFA Futsal World Cup. He seizes the record from Kazu Miura, who was 45 when he played in Thailand 2012 with Japan. Solomon Islands winger Raphael Leai, who turned 18 on Thursday, is Lithuania’s youngest player.

32 players make the Spanish league the best represented at Lithuania 2021, with nine teams including players from the Primera Division. It is followed by the Portuguese league out of 23, with no other having more than 16 representatives. Oddly enough, although its national team missed the competition for the first time in more than two decades, Italy’s Serie A has 13 players in this tournament. Glucosoral (Guatemala), Kairat (Kazakhstan), San Miguelito (Panama) and European champions Sporting (Portugal) are the best represented clubs in Lithuania, with nine players each.

19 players have participated in the FIFA Futsal World Cup and the FIFA World Cup ™. Among them, Brian Laudrup, who dazzled Denmark in the Netherlands 1989 and France 1998; Lakhdar Belloumi, who also shone on the Dutch courts in the same year and inspired Algeria’s 2-1 overturn to West Germany on their World Cup debut in 1982; American Football Hall of Fame members Jeff Agoos, Bruce Murray, Tab Ramos and Peter Vermes; Willy Okpara, who traveled to Hong Kong in 1992 as an outfielder and to France in 1998 as a goalkeeper; and Rolando ‘El Principito’ Fonseca, Costa Rica’s all-time best shooter.

Manoel Tobias scored 19 goals for Brazil at Guatemala 2000, a record for an edition of the tournament. Saeid Rajabi of IR of Iran and Pula of Russia reached a record 16 each in 1992 and 2008 respectively.

Twelve players who lifted the FIFA Futsal World Cup trophy will be in Lithuania 2021. Guitta and Rodrigo did so with Brazil in 2012, while Santiago Basile, Cristian Borruto, Alan Brandi, Leandro Cuzzolino, Guido Mosenson, Maximiliano Rescia, Nicolas Sarmiento, Damian Stazzone, Pablo Taborda and Constantino Vaporaki helped Argentina to glory in 2016.

Ricardinho and Ferrao have won the last seven World’s Best Player Awards – awarded by Futsal Planet – between them. Portugal’s No.10 triumphed every year from 2014 to 2018 to surpass Falcao’s record four titles, while Brazil’s No.11 won the last two. Kazakh Leo Higuita has won five of the last six best goalkeeper awards, while Brazilian sensation Leonardo has won the last two best young player awards.

6.79 goals per game is the Futsal World Cup average – one every five minutes and 53 seconds. Not bad, eh fans?

Spain have participated in five consecutive unprecedented finals from 1996 to 2012, winning two.

Three nations will retain the distinction of playing at every FIFA Futsal World Cup this year: Argentina, Brazil and Spain. Three more will make their debut in the competition: Angola, Lithuania and Venezuela will bring the total number of countries that have participated to 50. It’s encouraging for the trio, Vietnam and Azerbaijan both won their first matches of the tournament in 2016 en route. in the knockout phase.

A loss in their last 54 FIFA Futsal World Cup games is, incredibly, the whole of Brazil has suffered. A selection lost twice – 3-2 to Hungary and 5-3 to the United States – on their way to glory in the first final in 1989, and their only loss thereafter was 4-3 to Spain in the 2000 final. Brazil were eliminated on penalties in the 2004 semi-finals and the 2016 round of 16.

Egypt have not drawn any matches in their 25 FIFA Futsal World Cup matches, despite a relatively even goal difference: 90 goals for and 101 against.

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“Lionel Messi’s exit at FC Barcelona also hurts Real Madrid”

An Argentina and Real Madrid legend called Lionel Messi’s exit from FC Barcelona “painful” and claimed his departure also injured club rivals Los Blancos.

With Messi’s departure from the Blaugrana still being one of the biggest talking points in the final transfer window, former Albiceleste star Jorge Valdano has now insisted his Camp Nou exit hurt not only Barça but also their rivals.

Scroll through the gallery above to see eight players who played for Barca and PSG

After negotiations on a new deal dragged on for weeks before it was confirmed that the then La Liga superstar would in fact leave his childhood club, Messi was quickly snapped up by French giant Paris Saint -Germain.

Valdano, himself a former manager, sporting director and CEO of Real, has now explained how the exit of the Spanish elite’s six-time Ballon d’Or winner injured even Los Blancos.

To read: “CR7 and Messi have never scored like me!”

“There is a feeling that Barcelona just didn’t have the money to pay Messi,” Valdano told Spanish media El Pais.

“An illusion was created, and because it all happened so fast, it looked like he had been kicked out.

“In a game where identity is so important, getting rid of a legend like him isn’t just painful, it’s inexplicable.

“His departure also hurts Real Madrid a lot, as the teams are also measured against their rivals.

“Put simply, Messi will be seen as a football genius, but he won’t just have belonged to Barcelona which is pretty sad.”

Messi finally made his PSG debut against Stade Reims in the last game week before the international break.

Here are the highest paid footballers in 2021, and what they earn each week,

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Falcao joins Rayo Vallecano | Sports News Canada

Rayo Vallecano have confirmed the signing of Radamel Falcao.

The Colombia international left Galatasaray on Wednesday when his contract was terminated by mutual consent.

The 35-year-old’s return to La Liga had been on the table since leaving and Vallecano confirmed the news on Saturday.

What was said?

Vallecano, who was promoted to Spain’s top flight by winning the Segunda division play-offs, has announced that the striker has joined the club.

They haven’t revealed how long his contract will last, but reports suggest it is a one-season deal.

On the same day, Vallecano confirmed the signing of fellow Colombian international Ivan Arboleda, who was a free agent after leaving Banfield in July.

How did Falcao perform for Galatasaray?

Falcao spent two years at Galatasaray after moving from Monaco to the Super Lig.

However, his time in Turkey was plagued with injuries and he was limited to 43 games in all competitions but managed to score 20 goals in total.

He’s played three times this season, but only in brief appearances off the bench.

Falcao played two minutes in the 1-1 draw between Colombia and Bolivia in this week’s World Cup qualifiers, his first appearance for the national team since last October.

Where else has Falcao played?

Falcao broke through at the senior level in his homeland with Lanceros Boyaca, but it was with Argentina’s River Plate team that he made a name for himself.

The striker moved to Porto in 2009 and helped the Portuguese side win the Europa League and Primeira Liga in 2011 before moving to Atletico Madrid.

After winning the Europa League and La Liga again in two years at Atletico, he was recruited by Monaco and then went on loan to Chelsea and Manchester United, before eventually joining Galatasaray.

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Cristiano Ronaldo and top 10 international scorers, Messi 9th – Ghana Latest football news, live scores, results

Goal takes a look at the most prolific strikers in international football, which includes a wide variety of players from around the world.

Cristiano Ronaldo | Portugal | 111 goals / 180 caps

Without a doubt one of the best players of his generation, Cristiano Ronaldo has broken record after record in his career and he is by far Portugal’s top scorer of all time. He broke Ali Daei’s record of 109 goals in September 2021 with a brace against the Republic of Ireland.

Ali Daei | Iran | 109 goals / 149 caps

The record for most international goals in men’s football belongs to Ali Daei, who scored 109 goals for Iran in 149 appearances between 1993 and 2006. The striker’s career has seen him field for Bayern Munich, but he has enjoyed much of his success on the international stage.

Mokhtar Dahari | Malaysia | 89 goals / 142 caps

Playing between 1972 and 1985, Mokhtar Dahari is considered one of the most legendary strikers in Malaysian football history.

Ferenc Puskas | Hungary & Spain | 84 goals / 89 caps

Real Madrid legend Ferenc Puskas was one of Hungary’s ‘magical Magyars’ in the 1950s and his exploits for his country secured him his iconic status in Budapest and beyond. Puskas scored 84 goals in 85 games for Hungary and then played for Spain in the early 1960s. However, his Spanish experience had an impact on his goals-to-game ratio as he failed to score in four appearances for La Roja.

Godfrey Chitalu | Zambia | 79 goals / 108 caps

Godfrey Chitalu is the most prolific African international footballer of all time, having scored 79 goals in 108 games for Zambia. The Kabwe Warriors star became a coach after hanging up his boots, but met a tragic end with the rest of the Zambia squad during the 1993 air disaster in Zambia.

Hussein Said | Iraq | 78 goals / 137 caps

With 78 goals, Hussein Saeed is Iraq’s all-time top scorer and has reached that number in 137 games for his country. Saeed has spent his entire career with Al-Talaba and has played in the 1986 World Cup as well as three Olympic Games (1980, 1984 and 1988).

Pelé | Brazil | 77 goals / 92 caps

Widely regarded as one of the best footballers to ever play, Pelé has an impressive 77 goals in 92 appearances for Brazil. He has played four World Cups, won three and remains the Selecao’s top scorer to this day.

Ali Mabkhout | WATER | 76 goals / 92 caps

Al Jazeera legend Ali Mabkout is a clinical finisher and in addition to being one of his club’s top scorers, he is also the UAE’s all-time top international scorer.

Lionel Messi | Argentina | 76 goals / 149 caps

Barcelona icon Lionel Messi may not have enjoyed much success in silverware on the international stage with Argentina, but he is the country’s top scorer, having passed Gabriel Batistuta in 2016.

Sandor Kocsis | Hungary | 75 goals / 68 caps

While Ferenc Puskas may have been Hungary’s talisman in the 1950s, Sandor Kocsis was their main scorer. The former Barcelona man has scored 75 goals in 68 games for the Magyars during an international career that only lasted eight years.


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Facundo Lugones on Cameron Norrie: “It’s a completely different animal” | ATP circuit

When Facundo Lugones graduated from Texas Christian University, he was ready to work in the financial industry. Instead, after volunteering as an assistant coach for the team, he got the opportunity to travel with Cameron Norrie, who was leaving school in 2017 to turn pro.

More than four years later, the pair are still going strong and Norrie is enjoying the best season of his career. The left-hander has just reached a career-high No.29 in the FedEx ATP rankings and will look for a deep run at the US Open, where he faces Spaniard #NextGenATP Carlos Alcaraz in the first round.

Lugones recently spoke to about his time as Norrie’s teammate, how their relationship has evolved, why Norrie is having his best season yet and more.

You met at school. What do you remember about Cameron when he was in first grade?
He was rather laid back, a very social child. He got along well with everyone and was just very friendly, but quite competitive. There wasn’t a lot of structure in his life, it was all a bit haphazard. But he was really competitive, really fun to be around, a great friend. He was like any other college kid … he wanted to have fun more than anything.

Learn more about Coaching Corner features

In college tennis, the older kids always try to help the younger ones on the team on and off the court. How much did you do that with him?
I wouldn’t say I helped, but tried to be a good role model and set a good example for him. He didn’t like being told, but he really liked it when people did the right thing and he copied that. He would copy good examples of good deeds from his teammates rather than being told what to do. I think that was the way to do it with him: rather than tell him, show him.

How different is your relationship now compared to when you met him years ago in college?
It’s a little more professional and mature now. When it comes to working out, setting goals, having tough conversations, and preparing for tournaments, it’s very serious. When we’re not in the field at the hotel and talking about any other aspect of life, it’s like friends. It’s about knowing what role we are in and when. In tennis, it’s very serious and focused. When it’s a conversation of life, it’s more relaxed.

What’s the biggest difference between him today and when he first turned pro in 2017?
Now he’s a better tennis player and physically he’s a whole different animal. At the time, he had a lot of stamina and was a great competitor, but didn’t have a lot of weapons. He would outlive you, do a lot of bullets, and be tougher than the other guy. Today he has better serve, he is stronger, he tries to dictate the point a lot more. He is more physical and a more complete player.

People often talk about his physical form. Is there a way to describe how physical his game is?
Its main asset on the physical level is its endurance. He can play not just a few hours, but four hours and maintain the same physical level. Some players can be very physical, but only for two hours. I think he has the stamina to do it for many consecutive hours and days, back to back. He moves very well, is explosive, but I think the main thing is his stamina.

The tennis side is something that can always be improved, but not everyone has that physical element. What’s the key?
He has naturally always been a good runner from a young age. He would run long distances with his mother, so naturally he has stamina. He doesn’t really need to work a lot on this. He works a lot harder to be a little stronger and move around better with certain patterns of movement, changing direction and speed.

But we never really work on stamina or surviving someone, because they have that. I think it’s a good plus when you don’t have to worry about it. You only have to worry about the quality and explosiveness on the physical side.

Watch the highlights of Norrie’s first title win in Los Cabos:

It’s been a pretty good year for Cameron. How do you keep pushing for more?
You set new goals and expectations can change. But at the end of the day, his main goal is to keep improving as a tennis player. Now in tournaments we’re not just happy with one or two wins, we want to go deep. You start to set new goals, raise the bar, and look for more. It’s about not staying satisfied. You have to enjoy the good times quickly and prepare for the next challenge.

What are the next goals?
One of them at the start of the year was to finish in the Top 30, and we’re on track for that. Then we must continue to push these goals further and further. If he finishes in the Top 30, next year he will be in the Top 20, then in the Top 15 then in the Top 10 and obviously No. 1. This is the goal of every tennis player.

What is your favorite thing about Cameron besides tennis?
The way he treats people all the same. It doesn’t matter if it’s Andy Murray or a friend of mine in Argentina. He will treat people the same and give them the same attention. He doesn’t care who you are, but in a good way. Also how much fun it is. He’s a great guy, always looking for fun, always up for anything. He’s a pretty normal guy.

Were you able to teach him some Spanish?
I have tried, but it is not very good. It’s something he’s not very good at: languages. His best friend is Chilean and they lived together for three years, but he still doesn’t know much Spanish. He can order now and understand a little more, but he never really learned much Spanish which I kind of regret and I’m sure he too.

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fuboTV announces US coverage of South American World Cup qualifiers

fuboTV and qualification for the CONMEBOL World Cup

Ahead of the 2022 World Cup, South America’s next qualifying matches will be broadcast on fuboTV in the United States.

The live television service acts as a hub for football, providing coverage for matches from around the world. As the company has already released the previous game series, it has now added the games for September 2, 5 and 9 to its schedule.

During these three match days, fuboTV will cover 14 matches from across the continent, highlighted by Brazil hosting Argentina.

fuboTV describes itself as the premier streaming site for football fans. With their coverage of these World Cup qualifiers, it’s clear to see why.

The company is aimed at an international audience. Therefore, they broadcast games in multiple languages. For the English-speaking audience, Fubo Sports Network will cover all 14 matches, while fubo Latino will broadcast the matches with commentary and analysis in Spanish.

The service is available on virtually any device, which makes it fairly easy to access.

There are several ways that fuboTV users can stream CONMEBOL matches and programming:

New fuboTV subscribers

Customers who subscribe to the Basic English Starter ($ 64.99 / month), Pro ($ 69.99 / month) or Elite ($ 74.99) plans starting August 30, 2021 can add the CONMEBOL and more bunch of channels to see all CONMEBOL matches. In addition to CONMEBOL coverage, this package also includes eight other premium sports channels featuring football, baseball, soccer, basketball and more.

Spanish speaking customers can subscribe to fuboTV’s Latino plan to see all CONMEBOL coverage. In addition to all of the CONMEBOL coverage, the Latino Quarterly plan features the best of Spanish-language television, from sports to news and entertainment.

Current fuboTV subscribers

Customers who purchased a basic package in English or Spanish before August 30, 2021 will automatically benefit from CONMEBOL coverage in their existing packages.

FuboTV World Cup qualifying coverage

In addition, it will broadcast pre-game, half-time and post-game studio shows on fuboTV and Fubo Sports Network.

These in-house programs feature a talented team of analysts and former players discussing CONMEBOL World Cup qualifiers.

For the cover, the audience will see former professional players Juan Pablo Angel, Mark Gonzalez, Melissa Ortiz, Gilberto Silva and Roque Santa Cruz. Media personality Fernando Fiore also joins the crew. To conclude the on-air talent, the hosts of Fubo Sports Network are Julie Stewart-Binks and The Cooligans.

However, the coverage of qualifying for the World Cup doesn’t stop in South America. The “best streaming destination” for world football also covers other football federations through its network partners.

In addition, the coverage of CONMEBOL by fuboTV does not only exist until September 2, 5 and 9. The distributor covers the South American qualifiers until March 2022. At that point, the World Cup qualifiers for CONMEBOL come to an end.

READ MORE: How to watch football with fuboTV.

CONMEBOL 2022 World Cup qualifiers

Commonly one of the most contested qualifiers in world football, qualifying for Qatar 2022 is intense.

While the games are also available via pay-per-view, fuboTV offers another way to watch the 10 teams compete against each other.

Lionel Messi’s heroism in World Cup qualifiers sent Argentina to the 2018 World Cup on the final matchday.

In South America, 10 nations compete for four guaranteed places at the World Cup. Each team plays one home match and one away match against all the other nations in the group. As a result, each team plays 18 games. At the end of all team matches, the top four teams advance directly to the World Cup group stage. The fifth-ranked team then enters an international qualifying match to advance to the group stage.

In recent years, the drama has persisted until the last day. Notably, Lionel Messi’s hat trick against Ecuador on the final matchday saw Argentina take third, securing a place in Russia.

This season there is just as much drama, if not more.

Five teams are seated within three points of each other after six matches. Ecuador, Uruguay, Colombia, Paraguay and Chile are fighting for three to five places. Brazil is a perfect six of six wins. Argentina are in second place with a three-point cushion over Ecuador.

Match days 9, 6 and 10

The next round of matches will start in early September. Officially, these matches represent days nine, six and ten. COVID-19 and other forces have pushed back those dates. It blurred the previous schedule.

FIFA World Cup Qualifiers – CONMEBOL

Hourly Eastern United States

Thursday September 2

sunday 5 september

Thursday September 9

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Spanish argentina

Paulo Dybala rightly called up to Argentina squad after almost two years

Argentina have decided to recall the Juventus striker Paulo dybala back in their senior squad for the first time in nearly two years.

The 27-year-old put on a show this weekend despite the Old Lady’s implosion which took us points off a two-goal lead.

The former Palermo star netted a goal and an assist in his opener, having finished the previous campaign well on his return to form, although his campaign was marred by many problems, including suffering from the coronavirus.

Dybala will now be in line to make his first appearance for his country since November 2019, when he faced Uruguay in a 2-2 friendly draw, with the Daily mail naming the absence of Sergio Aguero as a possible reasoning.

With just one more game for Juve before the international break, I can’t help but prefer that Dybala did not travel to join his international squad, because after his injury problems last season, I had the ‘impression that we will have to worry that he will come back to us unharmed, especially with the low possibility that he could contract Covid again, as international training camps have not been kind to us since the start of the pandemic.


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