Buenos Aires Weather | Covid-19 cases on the rise in the Americas, PAHO warns

Covid-19 cases are on the rise in the Americas, where infections rose 27.2% last week due to an increase in confirmed cases in the United States, the Pan American Health Organization warned on Wednesday. (OPS).

Of the 918,000 new cases reported in the region in the week ending May 14, more than 605,000 correspond to the United States.

PAHO said infections have increased in North America over the past seven weeks.

All four sub-regions of the continent reported an increase in infections this week, with the largest increase in Central America (up 80%).

In South America, Brazil reported more than 120,000 new cases (up 9%), while Argentina had nearly 34,000 (up 92%). Venezuela, Paraguay and Brazil have also reported an increase in the number of deaths.

In the Caribbean, where Covid-19 cases have increased for the past five consecutive weeks, infections have increased by 9.3% and deaths by 49%.

PAHO also said Covid-19 hospitalizations increased in 18 U.S. countries and intensive care unit admissions increased in 13 countries and territories in the region.

“It’s time to take stock of these numbers and take action,” PAHO Director Carissa Etienne told a virtual press conference. “Covid-19 is on the rise again in the Americas.”

“The truth is that this virus is not going away anytime soon,” she added.

Etienne recalled that many countries have removed mask-wearing and social distancing requirements in public places, but “too many” people remain at risk of developing serious cases of Covid-19 and dying.

According to PAHO figures, only 14 of the 51 countries and territories in the Americas have reached the World Health Organization (WHO) goal of vaccinating 70% of their population.

“The increase in cases should serve as a wake-up call,” Etienne said.

“Governments must continue to closely monitor Covid-19 trends, adapt their guides to protect the most vulnerable and always be ready to step up social measures whenever there is an increase in cases or deaths,” he said. she declared.


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