Bridging the COVID Education Gap with Title 1 Funding


BLAKELY, Ga. (WTVY) – Early County Elementary School is working on a plan to close the education gap caused by COVID-19.

The school plans to use the Title 1 funds to purchase resources to alleviate the problem.

“The hiatus you’ve experienced over the past 18 months has put us beyond the proverbial eight bullets, I guess,” says Dr. Matthew Cullifer, principal of Early County Elementary School. “We had many students who already had an academic deficit who came to the school. As a five or four year old, not on par with other students in the class.

With that in mind, Early County Elementary School made it a goal to focus most of its Title 1 funding on closing the gap and increasing test scores.

“We try to both fill in the gaps and equip students with what they need to be successful as a student after they leave us and go to middle and high school,” says the Dr Cullifer.

For this school year, the school has set a goal of having at least 63% of students meeting the standard on English scores and at least 85% meeting the standard on math scores on the Georgia Milestone. .

“Lexia is one of our reading programs,” says Dr. Cullifer. “We have a math program called iLearn, both of which are tailored to individual student needs, so they can work at their own pace… We have funds that we also commit to an after school program that lasts two days. one week.”

Dr Cullifer says it will take more than just funding, but also the community.

“The best thing the public can do for us is support us,” says Dr. Cullifer. “It’s especially difficult when you have negative voices in the community who blame the teachers and say they don’t want to work and put the children at risk. It is not the case at all. We are doing our best. “

Dr Cullifer says a declining population in the county makes programs like Title 1 critical to student success. The funds will also be used to meet technological and other educational needs as they arise.

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