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Breaking News: Israel Expands Eligibility For Booster Vaccines

JERUSALEM – Israel is expanding its coronavirus recall program to people over 50.

Israel was one of the world leaders in immunizing its population earlier this year. But in recent weeks, he has seen an increase in cases involving the more transmissible delta variant, even among individuals who were thought to be fully vaccinated.

Last month, Israel began offering a booster to people over 60, becoming the first country in the world to use a Western vaccine to do so. The campaign was extended to people over 50 and frontline healthcare workers on Friday.

Health officials in the United States and Europe have yet to recommend recalls.

World Health Organization officials have urged countries to refrain from giving extra injections, saying it is more important to immunize the unvaccinated in poorer countries.



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LAGOS, Nigeria – Nigeria’s diplomatic mission in London announced it was shutting down for 10 days after two of its officials tested positive for COVID-19.

One of the infected diplomats was diagnosed during a visit to the UK Home Office on Thursday, the Nigerian High Commission said in a statement. This resulted in a mass test of staff members, which led to the detection of the second case, the statement said.

“In accordance with COVID-19 regulations and the need to adhere to host nation rules and regulations, the mission will close for the next 10 days, in order to respect the mandatory isolation of those who were in contact with those affected. . officials, ”he said.

A spokesperson for the committee did not immediately respond to requests for comment on whether the infected officials or their close contacts have been vaccinated against COVID-19.

The UK Department for Health and Welfare announced earlier this week that from Monday people who have been fully vaccinated will no longer be legally required to self-isolate if they come in contact with a positive case.

Nigeria’s high commission resumed operations in April as the UK began to lift its national lockdown restrictions. He said he had a backlog of 18,000 passport applications, some of which dated back to December 2019.


BEIJING, China – China vaccinated 777 million people, or 55% of its population, on Thursday, a health official said.

National Health Commission spokesperson Mi Feng gave the information during a press briefing on Friday.

The country is battling its biggest outbreak since December 2019 in the city of Wuhan, where scientists believe the coronavirus pandemic has started.

Chinese officials say the latest outbreak, driven by the more transmissible delta variant. can be traced to an international airport in the coastal city of Nanjing and the first cases were found in fully vaccinated people.

The provinces are locking down cities and carrying out several rounds of mass tests on millions of people in an attempt to stop transmission of the virus.

China uses seven vaccines, using multiple technologies, although the most common vaccines are the nationally developed Sinopharm and Sinovac vaccines. However, it is not known how effective Chinese vaccines are against the delta variant.


MADRID – Spain’s COVID-19 cases have fallen to their lowest level in a month as the country faces a weekend spent largely indoors due to a heat wave.

The health ministry said the 14-day incidence rate in Spain has fallen to 483 cases per 100,000 people, while 61.6% of the population has been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Spanish health officials have come under fire for suggesting that workers in unvaccinated nursing homes should be reassigned to non-contact roles to prevent infections among residents. Nursing home representatives called the proposal impractical.


CANBERRA, Australia – The Australian capital Canberra will remain closed until there are no more COVID-19 infections in the city, a head of government said on Friday.

Australia’s Capital Territory, which includes Canberra and two villages, was locked up for a week after a man tested positive on Thursday.

The number of infections rose to six on Friday, with more than 1,800 people identified as close contacts of the original case since it became infectious, officials said.

Australian Capital Territory Chief Minister Andrew Barr said the lockdown would last until all new cases have been isolated throughout their infectious period.

“We would like to see no additional community transmission, we want to go back to zero,” Barr said.

The recent infections are the first cases of community transmission in the city of 460,000 inhabitants since July 10 last year.


SYDNEY – Australia’s most populous state government on Friday reported a daily record 390 new locally acquired COVID-19 infections and warned the high infection rate would continue for days.

Two people died overnight, bringing the death toll in New South Wales to 38 from an outbreak of the delta variant first detected in Sydney in mid-June.

The previous highest infection tally was 356 reported on Tuesday.

New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian said at least 60 of the new cases were infectious in the community before being isolated.

“I anticipate, given the large number of cases we have had in recent days, that unfortunately this trend will continue for at least the next few days,” Berejiklian said.

Sydney has been on lockdown since June 26 and the government was hoping the spread would be stopped by August 28.


LAS VEGAS – A coronavirus pandemic mask warrant in Nevada has led to a federal lawsuit from lawyers seeking class action status over allegations that the constitutional rights of thousands of parents and children in area schools Las Vegas are violated.

The lawsuit filed Thursday against Governor Steve Sisolak, State Attorney General Aaron Ford and the Clark County School District invokes the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

He is seeking an immediate court order to overturn a directive the governor passed last week requiring K-12 students and school workers in the Las Vegas and Reno areas to wear masks on buses and inside school buildings, regardless of their vaccination status.


ATLANTA – School mask fights continue to tear Georgian communities apart even as hospital heads again warn of shrinking bed space amid rising COVID cases- 19.

More than 100 protesters gathered at Cobb County School Board headquarters in Marietta on Thursday. Most of them were trying to get Georgia’s second-largest school district, with 110,000 students, to impose masks.

The district, which has a sharp division within its school board, has stuck with its optional mask policy, like the majority of other school districts in Georgia, even though infections have led the district to expel fifth grade earlier. at home in one of its primary schools. this week.

Djenaba Pershay, who lives in Mableton, said she chose to send her daughter back to school in person this year because the Cobb County district needed masks. He dropped this requirement soon after.

But on Thursday there were counter-demonstrators holding signs saying “My body, my choice”. In Monroe County, between Atlanta and Macon, school board members voted 6-0 on Wednesday to overturn a mask mandate that had only been in place for 24 hours.


JACKSON, Mississippi – Mississippi has broken its records of one day of COVID-19 hospitalizations, intensive care use and new cases of coronavirus.

The state’s health department said Thursday that 1,490 people had been hospitalized on Wednesday and 388 were in intensive care due to COVID-19. He also said that 4,412 new cases have been confirmed.

The state’s previous hospital admission record was 1,444 on January 4 and 360 for intensive care on January 12 – before COVID-19 vaccines were widely available.

The new cases reported on Thursday were a 26% increase from the 3,488 cases reported by the department in the state on Tuesday. The numbers reported on Wednesday also exceeded 3,000.

Public health officer Dr Thomas Dobbs said based on the trends, the new cases of the virus reported on Thursday are likely to cause around 93 additional deaths, more than 300 new admissions to already overcrowded hospitals.

“Let’s be very clear that the vast majority of cases, hospitalizations and deaths go unvaccinated,” Dobbs said.


SAN FRANCISCO – San Francisco will require proof of full coronavirus vaccination for indoor activities, including restaurants, bars and gyms.

The Mayor of London Breed made the announcement on Thursday, saying it was necessary to protect the health of workers, customers and the city in general. This decision is stricter than the requirement announced by the mayor of New York last week. San Francisco will require full proof of vaccination for all customers and staff, while New York will require proof of at least one injection for indoor activities.

It will go into effect next Friday, but companies will have two months to check the vaccination status of employees “to preserve jobs while allowing time to comply.” It does not apply to people not eligible for vaccines, including children under 12.


BUENOS AIRES, Argentina – Argentina has said it has started producing and distributing the Russian-developed Sputnik V vaccine.

Chief Cabinet Minister Santiago Cafeiro said more than a million doses of the vaccine would be produced by local Laboratorios Richmond, calling it “a matter of pride”.

Argentina was the first country to authorize Sputnik V in December 2020 and the first to go into full production, although Mexico produced a pilot batch of the vaccine last month.

More than 6 million Argentines, most over the age of 60, have received at least the first dose of Sputnik V. The government recently said those who received a first injection of Sputnik V could use a different vaccine, d ‘AstraZeneca or Moderna, as a second dose. .

The vast majority of images initially produced in Argentina will be of the first dose.

The government says 26.4 million of the nearly 45 million Argentines received a first dose of a vaccine, although only 10 million received both.


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