APM Terminals Buenos Aires purchases a new mobile port crane


The crane has a capacity of 154 tons

APM Terminals (APMT) Buenos Aires has commissioned a new mobile port crane at the terminal, with the aim of providing faster and more efficient loading and unloading of ships.

The purchase of the crane, with a capacity of 154 tonnes and a reach of 54 m, is part of the operator’s larger investment plan.

The terminal also worked with local talent on an innovative security dojo, which is a Japanese term for a place of immersive learning.

It provides interactive learning tools and simulations that explain how to identify potentially dangerous situations and what to do in those situations.

Juan Pablo Lloret, Head of Safety at APMT, said: “Safety is our priority and our license to operate. Our Dojo is inspired by the LEAN work philosophy that we have adopted in all areas of our operations.

“This allows us to implement processes and continuous improvements to help us become even safer, every day. It is an initiative designed by and for our people. In addition to education in the prevention of dangerous situations, it promotes a culture of safe, responsible and collaborative work.

In addition to training employees and contractors, the space is also open to the public visiting the terminal, customers and suppliers.

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