Alexis Bledel’s viral video in Argentina


Argentines everywhere in the world, they are never lacking. But when it comes to a celebrity born in South America, in the country, they are responsible for telling everywhere the origin of this person concerned. Perfect examples can be Anya Taylor-Joy O Stephanie Béatriz. However, there are other lesser-known cases which, once revealed, are quite a sensation and are pleasantly surprising.

This happened with Alexis Blédel, which many call Rory for his role in Gilmore Girls. And it is that he made his debut in this program in 2000 and since then his career has intensified and become popular all over the world thanks to the streaming platforms. What not many people know about the actress is that, although she was born in Houston, his father Martín and his grandfather Enrique were born and raised in Argentina.

Her maternal family is from the United States, but they moved to Mexico and they grew up speaking spanish. And with Alexis, the same thing happened. The actress who emblematically portrayed Rory noted of her life as a Latina: “It’s the only culture my mom knows in life and so does my dad. They both made the decision to raise their children in the context in which they were raised.”. And it is that, according to his own account, did not learn to speak english until he starts going to school.

That’s not all, as Bledel also visited Argentina and everything was recorded in a video directed by the actress. Emilie Attias. The two met in a typical Buenos Aires place to share a meal, a toast and a discussion where cultural exchange was the protagonist. And although he has a american accent quite marked, the protagonist of Gilmore Girls He never stopped speaking in Spanish at any time.

His father Martín is a musician, so he has always had a very deep connection to his artistic roots and grew up listening tango. Among the places he visited he met Lali Esposito share a friend and get to know La Bombonera, the stadium of Boca Juniors, which he assured that he can beat with the hearts of his fans. “i feel at home and I already want to go backShe said through tears.

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