Alavida Malbec: certified organic and kosher by the USDA


Miami, Florida, February 4, 2022 — Origins Organic Imports confirms the US release of the first vintage 2021 Alavida Malbec (SRP $19, see bottle attached), Argentina’s first USDA-certified organic and kosher wine and one of the few wines in the world to achieve this unusual dual status. Alavida Malbec is also vegan, gluten-free and Ecocert approved.

The name Alavida is a riff on “A la vida!” Spanish for “To Life!” and himself a riff on the traditional Hebrew toast “L’chaim!” Origins Organic is owned by husband and wife team Labid al Ameri and Anne Bousquet. “Argentina is a nation rich in diversity, and our own multicultural family has been producing certified organic wines in Argentina since 1997,” observes al Ameri.

By necessity, fruit for Alavida must be of exceptional quality, with good concentration and balance of acidity (a natural preservative). Why? Because USDA regulations prohibit the addition of sulfites (SO2) in winemaking. Sulfites are commonly used as a preservative or to help conceal natural flaws.

The new wine is sourced from high altitude vineyards in the Uco Valley, an area identified with a growing number of the Mendoza region’s finest quality wines. The grapes grow at over 4,000 feet in the foothills of the Andes, where daily temperature swings of up to 60°F provide more sugar (hot days) and more acid (cold nights). By omitting SO2, the characteristics associated with the high altitude terroir and cool climate of the Uco Valley are enhanced and enhanced. The purity of the fruit, aroma, flavors and freshness become even more apparent.

Alavida’s winemaking process is nearly identical to that used to make a non-kosher wine, with two exceptions. Ingredients such as yeast must be kosher and wine physically made by a Sabbath-keeping Jewish team under the supervision of a rabbi. For Alavida, that means double the number of people involved: a Jewish team member to handle the grapes and wine, paired with a local team member who stands by and leads. For Alavida, that involved five duets! Winemaker Rodrigo Serrano gave the work orders; his Jewish counterparts executed them.

Once the truck full of grapes arrived at the winery, the Jewish team took the grapes from the truck, used the forklift, pressed the on/off button on the sorting table, etc. Although the members of the visiting team were experienced winemakers, they had never worked at this level of quality. At the end of each day, everything was locked by the rabbi. If the Serrano winemaker wanted to take a sample, he couldn’t do it. Indeed, if a non-Jewish person were to stumble and accidentally touch a vat, the wine is no longer kosher – representing a potential loss of 4,700 liters of wine! At the end of the process, the rabbi declared Alavida to be the best kosher wine he had ever tasted!

Alavida Kosher Malbec from Organic Imported Origins / SRP $19

Now available in DC, DE, CA, CT, FL, IL, MD, ME, NJ, VT and WA

Plus NY and OR, starting April 1

About Origins Organic Imports

Miami-based Origins Organic Imports is owned and operated by husband and wife team Labid Ameri and Anne Bousquet, who also own Argentina’s leading producer and exporter of certified organic wines. With Origins Organic, Ameri and Bousquet are dedicated to bringing American consumers a growing list of high-quality, value-priced certified organic offerings from around the world, in addition to those from their own estate.


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