A young Dutch company opens a subsidiary in Spain

Three years ago, Exotifruit EU started as an importer/exporter of fresh fruit and vegetables in the Netherlands. Since then, this fledgling company has grown considerably. Founder Boy Stuijfzand recently moved to Spain to set up a subsidiary there. “It’s a wonderful step for us. Boy is close to the products and can visit all Spanish suppliers to inspect the products. We can supply our customers – inside and outside Europe – directly from Spain,” says Sales Manager Melvin Middelham.

Exotifruit EU specializes in citrus fruits all year round. “We import the whole package from Spain, Argentina and South Africa. We also have Brazilian, Mexican and Colombian limes all year round. offer ginger from China and Brazil and bananas from the Dominican Republic. So we have a nice package to move forward.

Boy and Melvin at Fruit Attraction in Madrid

Exotifruit has a niche product – Spanish Chocolade Navels – with which it has recently distinguished itself. “Almost everyone does not have this exclusive item in-house. Customers know they can get it from us, which gives us a great opportunity to market the rest of our assortment. The new Chocolate Navels season starts around December 10,” says Melvin.

“The current citrus market is quite unique. Everything is super expensive. Even the Spaniards ask for more money for their products. I’ve never seen lemon purchase prices head towards €23. The transport prices are also all much higher. Fortunately, sales remain good, for now.”

Exotifruit mainly serves wholesalers throughout Europe, such as Scandinavia, Poland, Lithuania, France and Germany. In England, the company also supplies the retail trade. “We are proud of our recent progress and hope to grow further in the years to come. For this, we are looking for sales people, for example, for the German market. But above all, we are building a stable company known for continuity and quality of its products,” concludes Melvin.

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