A denomination based in America ended up in Buenos Aires.

A sect that promised to end the “ills of AIDS and drugs” and was based in the United States has been destroyed in the city of Buenos Aires and in Greater Buenos Aires, with 19 people arrested and they will be charged of offences. Trafficking in human beings, persons, money laundering, illicit relations and illegal drug practice.

According to law enforcement sources confirmed to NA, there were 50 raids ordered by Federal Judge Ariel Lizzo.

Agents from the Federal Police’s Human Trafficking Department succeeded in destroying the organization which, according to a philosophy, proclaimed the end of “the evils of AIDS and drugs” and “also sought the development of happiness”. was dedicated to. Involving them in the organization and enslaving them and in other cases offering them “medical” treatment in their “clinics”, in both cases to obtain money, influence and/or “cover” for their leaders. with a fundamental objective. ,

It is currently estimated that the number of “BAYF family students” belonging to this criminal structure will be around 170 people in Argentina and the United States, who pay monthly fees to the said organization in foreign currencies, which they call “formal”.

It also has an additional 1,500 “student recruitments” by the BA group, who will offer “scalable” training, reading courses and various conferences for state, provincial or municipal agencies, professional councils, for-profit organizations or not for profit. , contractors, etc. fees are charged. General public.

After nearly a year of investigative work, detectives were able to determine that the organization had used its followers to provide sex to “people in power” (who were imprisoned in bars and hotel lobbies ). And will also devote himself to “healing”. For people admitted abroad to a clinic called “CMI Absto”, thus bringing dollars and euros into the judicial circuit through real estate agents and notarial offices in the country of organization and various foundations created in the United States in order to generate a continuous influx of foreigners exchanging for the said organization.

It has also been established that many of its members travel continuously to Uruguay and the United States to carry out similar activities carried out in the various departments of the capital, identified as “clinics or medical offices”. , who said the locations weren’t licensed for this purpose.

During the proceedings, information was provided to the cooperation of the Diplomatic Security Office of the United States Embassy.

In addition to the 19 arrests, more than $1,000,000, 1,900,000 pesos, 1,000 pounds sterling, 100 euros, a Ford Bronco truck, 30 silver medals, sex toys, porn videos, computers, telephones laptops, medical records were confiscated. , property title. , and documents of interest to further the investigation.

Detainees were placed at the disposal of the intervening magistrate, which was aggravated by reduction of slavery, coercion, theft, money laundering, illegal association, illegal drug practice, unregulated sale of drugs and influence peddling. (N / A)

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