A British expat living in Spain goes on a huge rant about things that ‘irritate’ them abroad

A British expat living in Spain has taken to an online forum to prove that life is not all sunshine and roses in the Mediterranean country.

The expat, who lives in Gijon, Asturias, listed his post as a “general moan” and listed “things that irritate you about Spain”.

Recently there has been an increase in people from the UK moving abroad seeking salvation from Covid restrictions and a shift to witness almost 300 days of sunshine in a year, rather than Britain’s meager 300 hours.

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As is the case with most expat forums online, along with interesting updates and fellow Brits guiding each other to life outside the UK, there is also a mountain of people who complain about the inconveniences of living abroad.

This user points out that various factors he’s noticed are quite noticeable compared to his home country, including Spain’s obsession with education, the difference in table etiquette, and a rather unusual comparison to Spain. how Spaniards approach small talk.

One of the first topics, the user said: “Although I have observed that families are much closer in Spain than in the UK, that is to say it is not rare to see the whole family walking and being together here and also it’s nice to see children using the parks compared to Britain.

“BUT it really hurts me that parents and schools are forcing so much ‘school’ on their children. Some of my own students (kids and teenagers) don’t seem to have lives like regular kids.”

Although this is an uncommon topic on expat forums, this user has certainly observed details in Spain that most Brits would take a look at.

The user also points out how table etiquette is taken much more seriously in Spain and that even place setting is important.

They added: “It’s a really big thing in Spain, at least when it comes to my wife and her family, I don’t really know if it’s all over Spain or just a class thing, I don’t know. have no idea??? But having the right forks and knives on the right side and the use of a fish knife etc seems like a big thing in Asturias in my experience and well… linking it to the above, seems a bit pretentious to me.”

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This user concluded his rant by expressing the difficulty while chatting with his neighbors. In the UK most people know their neighbors as if they were distant relatives. Not in Spain, however.

They ended with: “I don’t know if anyone found this, I tried to interact with neighbors and people on the street and always hit a brick wall. For me, I ‘m using Small Talk as Spanish practice, but in the end it’s harder than it’s worth.”

Other users in the comments did not accept the slander and sought to defend their compatriots.

One replied, “What’s wrong with good table manners? Do you prefer to eat with your fingers?”

Another said: “I find the Spaniards to be quite good at small talk. Even in these remote working days, we always have a few minutes of general chit-chat before we get down to business.”

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