December 2020

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15 adult board games you can always play on Zoom

Wondering what to do for this New Years Eve? Here’s a solution: board games for adults. Whether you log on to Zoom to catch up with your friends or stay with your quarantine pod to celebrate the New Year, there are plenty of adult board games to help you have some more fun this winter.

From childhood murder mystery favorites taken up a notch (or two) to upgraded dorm parties, we’ve rounded up the best adult board games to play during the myriad of virtual parties to come.

I have never

What could be better than getting to know your friends even more intimately than with a comeback game from Never Have I Ever. Add a drink to make it an instantly boozy affair.

Truth or Dare

You may have found yourself opening up more this year as social norms have dissolved, but there are some secrets you still haven’t shared, not even with your closest friends. Now is the time to see who is up to the task or who would rather take on a quarantine-approved challenge.


Wipe down your camera so that your friends can clearly see the very inappropriate doodle you drew which is Assumed to represent a “microphone”.

Two truths and a lie

You thought you knew Aunt Mary until the lie became the truth and now you are sideways glancing at everyone in the family on Zoom. This is what the moments of pleasure are made of.


There are many trivia apps on the web, but the Random anecdotes generator is a test and true. No frills, just good old-fashioned anecdotes to kick off the virtual party. The best part is you get access to all of these random facts covering art and science for free!


Virtually playing this family favorite is easy, all you need is at least one friend to have the game on the deck. Once confirmed, start putting together your list of answers for a friend quarrel like no other.


It is always possible to make a fool of yourself in front of your family, just jump into a game of Zoom charades to see how ridiculous you can be.

Kiss Marie Kill

It’s a great way to find out more about yourself and your friend’s preferences. and priorities. Would you only kiss Britney but marry Miley? Let’s discuss.


This one isn’t technically a game, unless singing along to Top 40 hits is a competitive sport for you. If so, set a Zoom date via group chat, download the karaoke app of your choice (Smule is very popular) and start practicing these vocal trills. Bonus points if you have your own microphone.

Bluetooth wireless karaoke microphone

How’s yours

One round out of 20 questions, you can only ask “How are you?” Ask the person making the request to step away from the screen while you show your friends the trait you’ll be sharing. Once the guesser is ready to turn around, let the game begin!

20 questions

Since we’re all going to be housebound, we’ve got plenty of time to play through 20 questions and get really detailed (read: creative? Weird?) With your questions.

Heads up

This one is also easy to play on Zoom! All you have to do is download the application, find the best lighting, then try to guess which celebrity or famous politician you have stuck to your forehead as the clock ticks.


If your quarantine pod is still going strong, why not give OG Animal Farm a try. The best part about this game is that it is quick to learn but can be played for days.


This one is a classic. You will need a moderator to secretly tell a party member that they are the werewolf. Then, while everyone closes their eyes, the “werewolf” silently shows the moderator who he wants to kill. Everyone then opens their eyes and the guessing game of who did it (with some wild accusations) begins. Enjoy!

Cocktail Pong

Maybe you thought bringing the party remote control would mean the end of your pong winning streak. Lucky for you, virtual pong is definitely a thing. Just ask your friends to set up their own mini stations and click the link to join the call. And if you really want to get into the holiday spirit, swap your beer for one of these festive cocktails.

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