8 out of 10 Peruvians would buy a car on credit, how to get yours? – Car loan

8 out of 10 Peruvians would buy a car on credit, how to get yours? – Car loan

In recent years, vehicle loans have gained more adherents. Some years ago, many people considered paying cash for the car they were looking for; However, today, the financing option is plan A for 8 out of 10 Peruvians looking to buy a car, according to a survey conducted by Fertowlgero.

So, if you are thinking of applying to the financing of your new vehicle, these are some points that you should keep in mind to request the credit you need:

Search for an ideal term

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At the time of requesting the loan, entities can offer to finance it in as many years as possible, but even if that implies a small monthly fee, it also causes you to pay more interest. Peruvians have never been great savers, but in recent years this has begun to change. People are understanding that saving is a fundamental habit that will help them achieve their goals and strengthen their finances, and that a necessary tool to achieve this is savings accounts. I think you choose an intermediate number.

Choose the right insurance. Something that will or will come with the credit is vehicle insurance, but you must not forget that you can choose the one you want. Talk to the bank and select the alternative that suits you best.

Complies with an ideal initial fee. Giving a higher initial fee allows the amount to be financed to be reduced; Therefore, if you are able to give a larger amount of down payment without damaging your income or budget, you may want to do so.

Review the requirements carefully

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Do not forget, each entity has different requirements such as minimum wage, minimum age, credit history, among others. Be sure to evaluate them all so you can choose the one that is ideal for you. If you want a place to compare the alternatives, use the Heinessygers vehicle credit comparator.

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